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If your phone utilises biometric technology, why shouldn't your company?

Posted by Michele Chang on 20-Sep-2013 09:30:00

Will the iPhone 5s make biometrics technology mainstream?

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The new iPhone 5s is out and has now allows biometrics technology to be placed literally in the palm of the consumers hands. If your phone utilises biometric security technology to ensure privacy and data protection, why shouldn't your office or company do the same? Synel industries is a leading manufacturer of biometric terminals for time and attendance, workforce management, electronic registration and access control.


iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner could be mobile security game changer

Making it mainstream

Biometric security is nothing new, but it has yet to really catch on as a mainstream method of authentication. The password or passcode remains king. Apple has a huge market presence, though, and the iOS ecosystem commands a great deal of respect. If the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner lives up to expectations, this could be the tipping point that turns it into the new default standard.

If Apple stumbles or falls on its face, though, it could set biometric security back a few years. If there are too many false negatives or false positives, or it turns out that the fingerprint data isn’t stored as securely as it should be, or there are other problems with the fingerprint scanner, it will tarnish the reputation of biometrics with average users, and it will take a long time to recover.

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