Biometric Security System : 5 Reasons Why You Should Have One

| 18 August, 2011

Companies today are faced with various threats to their security, such as employee identity theft, vandalism, cheating, equipment theft or what is often called buddy punching (when an employee clocks another employee or who is not present at the time).


More and more employers are looking at biometric access control systems to secure their facilities. Here are 5 reasons why you should also have a biometric security system.

1. By implementing a biometric security system, employers can control who has access to what equipment, prevent fraudulent time and attendance entries and protect their assets from theft.

2. Additionally, employers face significant costs attributed to issuing cards or keys and replacing lost or stolen building keys or access cards, all of which can be eliminated with the use of a biometric access control system.

3. It is easy to enrol employees, taking only a few minutes, then the company has an identification database of all employees, and can restrict access to particular parts of the buildings based on specific clearance levels. It is that easy.

4. Biometric systems also have advantages for employees. For instance, instead of having to carry around office keys or access cards, you simply bring your finger with you. Best of all, you will never misplace your finger, as many people often do with their keys and cards.

5. Additionally, it automates many processes you may currently be doing by hand, such as clocking in and out. This way, you never have to worry about forgetting to clock in, since your fingerprint will do it for you.

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