4 More reasons Access Control Systems are so useful and important to any business!

4 More reasons Access Control Systems are so useful and important to any business!

, | 18th March 2016

The first thing you think when you refer to Access control is swiping badges through a card reader in order to open a locked door. The main function of access control is to prevent unapproved persons from entering a building or area, however the capabilities of the new high-tech systems can do much more than this.

Building Security

One of the main advantages of access control systems is that they accurately control when people are allowed to come and go. When employees do not work for example they will not able to enter the building and this can prevent an employee from coming back later and creating a potential risk.

Although no business owner wants to think that their employees pose a security threat, the facts are that half of the business losses are from employee theft.


SYNEL UK Control CostsWhen you think access control, payroll is not the first thing that comes to mind but actually is one of the most important ways of saving money and having lower wage costs. Especially in companies with high number of employees tracking when employees come and go can be one of the most efficient ways of accurately determining payroll. In this way great savings can take place for a company.

No keys = No Fraud

The data of the employees like fingertips is well protected and there is no possibility for someone to retrieve this information from biometric devices. The identity of the person is certain and matched with a human characteristic, fingertip or face so you can be sure that the person who has been given access enters the restricted area. Biometric methods of identification also prevent employees clock on for another ‘buddy clocking’ and also terminates actions like the borrowing of cards to gain access to restrained areas.

In case a company selects an electronic system instead of a biometric is still very difficult to copy and distribute electronic keys.

Never have to worry about losing a key    

SYNEL UK Fingerprint Access controlBecause access control requires no physical key, you never again have to worry about losing your key or forgetting it somewhere and locking yourself out of your business. When we combine all the advantages, it is simple to acknowledge how an access control system offers more than simply keeping the doors locked. Instead, they can be used throughout a business to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce and assist management to reduce costs.

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