6 Reasons Why You Should Implement A Flexible Work Policy

, , | 29th April 2019

Modern technology has transformed the landscape of work culture by allowing employees to connect from home. When there is no loss to your employees’ productivity as a result of working from home or anywhere else, giving them the opportunity to do so can significantly improve your organisation’s retention rate. The importance of modifying your organisation’s work culture in accordance with the changing convenience offered by technology should never be eliminated.

With that being said, here are 6 ways in which adopting a more flexible work culture can help your employees as well as your organisation.

  1. Reduces operational overheads

In first world countries where internet access and connectivity is never an issue, marketing agencies, SaaS companies, and other firms have the capability to achieve 100% remote work. By doing so, these organisations save thousands of dollars which would otherwise be wasted on office decoration, heating and infrastructure. Most companies around the world can significantly reduce their overheads as a result of allowing even a fraction of their workforce to work remotely.

  1. Keeps your workplace inclusive

With virtual offices and remote working, companies can allow differently abled persons or those with limited mobility to contribute too. Often, an efficient employee who is differently abled might not be able to fully devote his/her efforts towards the work at hand due to other constraints. With a more flexible policy around working remotely, you can ensure that your organisation is employee-first, making them give their best to your organisation.

  1. Improves employee productivity

Employees naturally associate a flexible work policy with an improved work-life balance. ‘Picking up the children from football practice’ and ‘doing that workout’ are no longer concerns which can occupy your employees’ minds. They are free to dedicate 100% of their cognitive abilities to their work without any worries at the back of their minds.

  1. Promotes employee health

Simply allowing your employees to work from home on a day they are not feeling too well, as opposed to forcing them to drag themselves to the office can make a big difference in the way they view your organisation. You will drastically reduce the stress on an unwell and, possibly, irritated employee and show them that you care for their physical and mental health simply by implementing a flexible work policy. It also removes the possibility of a contagious disease spreading through the workplace.

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  1. Improves hiring prospects

It is no secret that skilled employees are the most important requirement for your organisation’s growth. In order to come across as an attractive workplace, it is important to highlight how flexible your work policy is. This way, skilled candidates will know that your organisation values them, and this puts you ahead of other recruiters. A flexible work policy also reduces attrition rate of new hires.

  1. Improves colleague relationships

Big or small, organisations are never devoid of internal conflicts – this has gone on to stunt the development of several organisations. By working in a comfortable space which is conducive to productive work, you can rest assured that your employees will work better than they would when they are with someone they don’t get along with! This is, of course, not the case with every organisation and every employee. Some workers are at their best during collaborative efforts. The key lies in giving your employees the freedom to choose how they want to work.

At Synel, we understand that implementing a flexible workplace should never come at the cost of reduced efficiency. In order to effectively tie together the benefits of a flexible work policy while ensuring that your organisation’s deliverables are met, you can use a tool which will let you measure and optimise remote work and employee efficiency. Synel’s SYQR app makes flexible working easy and measurable. To know more about how it works and how it will make your organisation a productive and happy place, contact us today!

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