Biometrics and Premises security

Biometrics and Premises security

, | 5th February 2016

Fingerprint authentication will be present in the majority of apps in the near future, due to the increasing use of fingerprint scanners within smartphones.

Biometrics, have the advantage that the individual entering secure areas or information is not just a person holding credentials, but is actually the person who has been given access.

Moreover, biometrics brings a company increased flexibility. No need for passwords, no troubles from passwords being forgotten or stolen. That interprets into lower labour and administration costs and in many cases labour savings.

The verification process is undoubtable and problems that may arise from someone denying an action taken are bypassed.

Biometric security is growing constantly as a result of the high demand of using mobile phones and tools such as fingerprint identification for entry. Juniper Research, announces that more than 770 million biometric authentication applications will be downloaded by 2019.

Synel has developed Sygma Tablet Terminal with Biometric Technology and  RFID – Full Windows 10.1 Touch Screen clock, an advanced workforce management touch screen terminal enabling a full range of employees’ activities.


  • Clocking IN & OUT
  • Break reporting
  • absences requests and shifts requests.
  • Full employee self-service functionality and secure browsing to internal portal or any secured URL
  • Flexible features to answer both current and future operational needs

The future of staff monitoring is here but we must not forget to implement the traditional methods of staying secure. A clear and transparent policy about the management of the building must be communicated to the staff and the security personnel at all times and using an automated lock system which can be used even if someone is not physically present in the building are also still very important.

Regular property and equipment audits must take place and responsibility allocation for particular items to individual employees can help in the process of developing a security policy. It is useful to use identification labels to computers and record details of serial numbers. Expensive equipment can be secured to floors or walls. Bikes and vehicles should be guarded too.

Finally, regular audits should take place. Crime changes because criminals know they need to find diverse or more sophisticated methods for the sake of staying ‘in business’. Measures of security must be kept up to date along with the latest technology evolutions and challenges. Make sure once a year you conduct an audit and always be open to staff suggestions about the improvement of security measures.



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