Biometrics in the Workplace – The Best Form of Time and Attendance Tracking

, , | 11th July 2019

Biometrics in the Workplace – The Best Form of Time and Attendance Tracking


For organisations, tracking and monitoring employees’ check in and check out time can be humdrum and yet   for various reasons. While most organisations have started to manage their employees’ timings through digital mediums, there are still a few loopholes that employees can abuse to get away with wasting their time.

This is where biometrics-based authentication can help your organisation. It has proven to be a faster and more reliable alternative to time cards and manual punching.

A biometric sensor simply uses its technological capabilities to scan and validate a fingerprint, iris print, or even the face or voice of a user. Since these characteristics cannot be hacked or recreated, biometric scanning has become the ideal attendance marking tool, adopted by many companies.

An effective biometric software solution should allow you to:

  • Use sophisticated security algorithms to protect employee data
  • Periodically download fingerprints or any other biological data being used to authenticate employees
  • Store large volumes of employee data

Is Biometric Technology Right For You?

Biometric technology, due to its ability to recognise characteristics that are unique to a person’s physiology, comes with several benefits for organisations looking to effectively manage employee attendance. The installation of the biometric device’s hardware and software is inexpensive and easy, making it economically appealing for organisations of any size. By keeping in place a biometric authentication device, you can also improve your organisation’s security by setting up alerts for unauthorised use.

Here are a few more benefits you can get out of biometric scanning for employee management.


  1. Biometric authentication is accurate. The technology it is built with is advanced and is capable of spotting even the smallest differentiation. Hence, you can feel confident that your employees’ check-in timings are accurately stamped for monitoring.
  2. With card-based authentication, it is easy for one employee to simply swipe in and swipe out using another colleague’s card. This process is called buddy punching and it costs organisations millions of dollars every year. With biometric authentication, buddy punching can be effectively eliminated, ensuring that every employee of your organisation is accountable for the time he/she spends at work.
  3. If you have equipped your remote workers to login using biometric authentication, you can ensure that your employees’ work is happening as per schedule, without worrying about losing control over remote workers. The latest biometric authentication devices allow you to seamlessly integrate the authentication module with the internet or other devices.
  4. Biometric authentication also allows you to reward genuine hard work. By noticing and acknowledging the employees who have gone the extra mile for your organisation, you can ensure that the morale amongst your employees remains high.
  5. By replacing traditional and manual methods of employee attendance management with biometric authentication, you can drastically improve productivity and, thus, profitability.
  6. Biometric authentication is also useful during audits when the time being spent by the resources of a project have to be calculated accurately for billing. Making this data available also increases your transparency and improves trustworthiness in the eyes of clients.

Synel’s biometric sensor can accurately authenticate your employees based on fingerprints and easily track the work put in by them for a project. The powerful software solution comes with the benefits mentioned above and is the optimum replacement for any other form of expensive or substandard method of tracking time and attendance. If you are ready to embrace biometric time clocks for efficient and cost-effective resource management, get in touch with us now.


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