Discover the latest TimeLog Web 3.660 Version

| 30th January 2020

TimeLog Web – Synel’s market leading Workforce Management Software Platform has now been updated to the latest 3.660 version which has a whole host of new features and updates from the previous software version, including major updates to the reporting and expenses management functions.

In this latest update users of TimeLog Web can also see various bug fixes, including:

  • Removal of the option to enter a null value when making adjustment to pay categories in the Daily Detail Screen and Daily Browser.
  • Improvements to the graphical scheduler that now shows planned hours in each cell for each day.
  • Improvements to the visual pattern report, which now shows duration times of each item entered.
  • The ability to define addresses in the Activities module via latitude and longitude co-ordinates for each activity.
  • Cascade integration – which allows weekly payroll export to FTP server.
  • Numerous updates to the reporting functionality and Expenses Management module.

Below is an overview of some of the major updates in more detail…


The reporting structure of TimeLog Web previously used to look like this:

Which has now been changed to the below. The new structure simplifies the structure and provides a description to what each report shows.

TimeLog Web now also has the capability to generate sample reports, which allow you to preview the type of data that is visible, before spending time generating the report. To generate a sample report, you simply need to click on the ‘eye’ icon to download.

As a user you can now also set the reports that you use regularly as ‘favorites’, so that they are easier to access and you only have to access the ‘Favorite Report’ section.

Another valuable feature added in this new update is the ability to now control individual report accessibility in Software Access Groups. This allows your business to control access levels to certain employee levels and control sensitive data within these reports more stringently.

Expenses Management

The Expenses Management module is one of the latest modules that forms part of Synel’s Workforce Management Software platform. To further expand its capabilities, the latest update brings email notifications – which alerts both, the employee and the manager when expenses claims are submitted, approved or rejected. There is also now an additional screen for managing mileage and there is also a field in the expenses rejection section, where a manager can enter a reason for rejection – so that an employee has full information regarding the status. There has also been improvements to the reporting side – which now allows a report to be created by expense category groups.

To learn more about our products or if you have any questions related to this update or need more information on how to deploy this update to your existing system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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