Manufacturing & Service Industries Can Boost Their Profitability With Workforce Management Solutions, Here is How…

| 19th July 2022

Can your business boost profitability with a workforce management solution?

Businesses face challenging times, and the economic environment isn’t likely to change any time soon. In order to cope, they are looking at ways to cut costs and manage their resources more efficiently; arguably the most valuable, and difficult, resources to manage are time and humans.

In order to boost profitability, business leaders, people managers, HR departments, finance teams and operations managers are looking to technology and automation to inject greater efficiency into how they manage people, particularly in how they use their time.

The challenge facing businesses today

According to the Bank of England, rising inflation is likely to hit the UK harder than any other major economy. A perfect storm of fuel shortages, rising costs for material, supply chain reorganisation and staff vacancies are dampening economic recovery post Covid.

Life is likely to get tougher for UK businesses, requiring them to control costs and boost productivity to stay competitive. This is particularly pertinent to manufacturing and service industries where effectively managing time, people, and production are critical to success.

A major investment cost for any business is its employees and how they work has a significant impact on success. But in order to measure whether their workforce management processes are working well, businesses need ways to capture critical information.

Digital technology

Technology is transforming how a business can keep track of employee time and productivity. From capturing employee data, to building schedules, and ensuring the right activities are being done in the right place at the right time, these operational functionalities are complemented by important insights into how a business is performing and what can be improved.

 Which problems can the right workforce management solution solve?  

As a manufacturer or service provider, you will undoubtedly recognize some of the challenges listed below:

More flexibility

Manual systems can be difficult to adapt or create with the capacity to manage a range of work routines and can’t easily match company rules to business policy. It’s also time consuming to reconcile with other systems, such as payroll.

Keeping employees up to date

Self-service time and attendance systems make it possible to set schedules that employees can easily see, freeing up time.

Staying on top of budgets

With accurate scheduling and tracking it’s easier to track costs and maintain budgets. Managing and compiling such information from manual records can give rise to inaccuracies and is time consuming

Managing field workers

Field management can be time-consuming and frustrating for the employee and employer if it’s not run smoothly. Automated systems can support field workers more easily, with field engineers able to use their mobile phone app to see what their schedule is, where they are meant to go, the work they need to carry out, and issue electronic job sheets. Systems are also more accessible for teams working remotely.

Abolishing time-consuming tasks

Manual spreadsheets, timesheets and rotas are time consuming to create, amend or manage. Automating these tasks allows employees to focus on more valuable work during their working day.

Reducing payroll costs

Accurately monitoring and recording time ensures that payroll costs are being properly managed, and issues can be spotted and quickly addressed, saving money. Automated systems also reduce payroll errors as information is transferred automatically, removing human error.

Managing sensitive data securely

Data is kept securely on automated systems with access permissions that can be set as required – no more lost timesheets, and easier compliance with regulatory requirements.

Providing accurate data

Accurate and timely data is critical for managing costs. Information and reports can be retrieved quickly to keep track of budgets and assess the situation, in order to make informed decisions to improve business efficiency.

Automated systems are powerful tools that can be customised to suit individual businesses or circumstances. The resulting data can be recorded, allocated to specific cost centres and provide key information for management.

Synel – your partner in workforce management

If your business is affected by the challenges of the current economic climate, it may not feel the right time to be implementing new systems. However, a successful investment can quickly deliver an initial return on investment; not to mention ongoing cost savings week after week, month after month, and year after year.

It is important to find the right workforce management software and an implementation partner who understands your needs and can ensure that the project succeeds. Synel UK offers three dedicated and scalable modules as part of ‘Synergy Workforce’, our leading workforce management platform, which can be used standalone or together to support our clients in manufacturing and service provision industries:

Synergy Time and Attendance: T&A

A complete end-to-end solution for time and attendance, Synergy T&A provides employee data capture through hardware devices, mobile app, and internet browser to ensure 100% accuracy. Even the most complex workflows and work rules can be created to perfectly match your requirements, and non-compliance to policy is highlighted. This not only saves costs in administering areas such as payroll, but also ensures that you only pay for the time that employees work.

Synergy Projects: Time/activity tracking

Empowers managers to assess time spent and workforce costs through every phase of simple or highly complex, multi-level projects, allowing you to plan time for each activity, then track the actual hours worked. This solution can also monitor the progress of tasks to identify inefficiencies and keep costs and resources on track.

Field Management: Add-on module for Synergy Projects

Schedulers can create jobs for field engineers and track their progress, making it easier to communicate with customers and schedule additional activity. Field engineers receive all information on their mobile phone app, using it to check in and out of jobs. Issued job sheets go to the customer and the back-office account function for invoicing, ensuring nothing is ever missed and everything is accurate.

Want to know more?

We are confident that your business can benefit from a workforce management system, but we also understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So we offer a free, no-obligation, bespoke consultation service to identify the best solution for your business.

To see how evolving the management of your time and attendance system can impact on your business, please take a look at our ROI Calculator, or Contact Us


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