Top 4 ways to improve employee lateness

Top 4 ways to improve employee lateness

, | 4th March 2016

Employee lateness means extra cost for any company. Lost productivity, extra overtime costs for covering workload, delays in many areas of the work cycle. In these cases, lateness management measures should take place immediately. Specially, in today’s economy where cutbacks are much appreciated.

However complicated it may seems, there are 4 top ways to effectively deal with employee lateness.

1. Implement a new set of rules      change-671376_1280

Be proactive with your staff and establish a new set of rules that communicates clearly a series of issues like:

  • Working Hours, shift patterns, flexible working arrangement
  • Disciplinary action in case of continual lateness
  • Ways of monitoring time keeping (clock in, or sign in)
  • Ways of replacing the time they missed
  • Ways of reporting lateness and to who they should report lateness

2. Establish a plan of action

Persistent lateness can be dealt informally and the employees can be given the opportunity to improve. This is a far more effective way of dealing with such an issue at an early stage. Problems can be detected and easily resolved without the need for a disciplinary meeting.

In case that lateness continues to occur, there is maybe the need for a formal disciplinary procedure. If the employee’s lateness does not improve then the employer will have to give the employee notice if they wish to dismiss them. Employers can dismiss employees without notice only in cases of gross misconduct.

3. Be realistic and flexible

Being open and listen to employees reason for lateness. Problems like management, working relationships and hours can come up which will be very useful to acknowledge and resolve. Home and work responsibilities may also be the reason for lateness, therefore an introduction to flexible working arrangements should be considered or even temporary home working, if possible.

Generally, employers should be realistic and understanding about particular and inevitable problems with getting to work.

4. Time & Attendance Software – Timelogweb       TIMELOGWEB

The simple solution of monitoring and analysing working time and absence can drastically help in reducing employee lateness.

TimeLOGWeb time and attendance management system is a comprehensive tool allowing precision & efficiency in attendance & absence management and transferring data to payroll department.

Synel’s solution enables the collection of all attendance reporting according to fixed or incidental work rules, and calculation of hours worked in real-time for wage payments. So if an employee arrives late to work, a specific rule can be set and at the end of the month that time pay will be reduced from the employee’s final salary.

TimeLOGWeb is completely online and enables real-time data display of employee attendance or absence. The employee list also acts as a real-time status list; each employee record is either red or green box showing if the employee is in or out of the building.

The software collects data from the clocking terminals in real-time, allowing managers instant access to employees clocking times as they arrive or leave work. If employees forget to clock in or out, the system will automatically alert the user of this in an errors list.





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Top 4 ways to improve employee lateness
Top 4 ways to improve employee lateness
, | 4th March 2016
Employee lateness means extra cost for any company. Lost productivity, extra overtime costs for cove...
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