Improve Productivity With Employee Time And Attendance Tracking

| 30 November, 2018

No country can escape the endless cycle of economic inflation and recession. But what matters is how efficiently a country recoups from the hits it takes. This efficiency has a direct correlation with that of a country’s working class. With the recession happening in 2008-2009, most nations have bounced back and are on their way to greater growth, a recovery made possible by improving quality and efficiency of their blue- and white-collared workers. But how are things closer to home?

Unfortunately, Britain is undergoing a productivity crisis which has put us in the bottom of the work efficiency table when compared with other G7 nations. Employees belonging to the software, energy, finance, mining, pharmaceuticals and telecoms sectors, despite accounting for only one-fifth of the economy, have contributed to three-fifths of the decline in productivity. Many large companies are now, as a result, making less profit. In addition, UK workers have been reported to have inadequate skills for complex jobs.

How a Time and Attendance Tracking Software Can Increase Productivity

The causes of this issue are complex, and vary from company to company. Solutions require a company-wise introspection for quick results.

Synel UK aims to solve one part of the problem with a high-end time and attendance software which can simplify operations relating to Admin and Human Resources.

This cost-effective solution is ideal for monitoring employee productivity in small, mid-size or large organisations. The software aims to automate time-consuming admin duties like tracking employees’ sign-in and sign-out times, ensuring that the company is compliant with labour laws and more. It can be beneficial for the HR managers of the organisation, who would otherwise have to spend countless hours manually monitoring the activities of every employee

While most organisations do not hesitate to invest in CRM tools and other development software, they tend to hold back on purchasing efficient tools for HRM. What they don’t realise is that a good employee management application will go a long way in improving the overall efficiency of any organisation… and thus its profitability.

Increasing the productivity of your company’s workforce is all about striking the right balance between effective time management and reduction of administrative tasks. If your organisation has more than 20 employees, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage time sheets, schedules, leave review, time-off requests and salary payment. Automating these operations can significantly boost HR productivity and also increase your savings.

Automating employee time and attendance management is one of the best decisions a company can take. In addition to providing management with data about employee time management trends, it also empowers employees themselves to manage their time better.

Here’s how Synel’s Time and Attendance software can help your organisation.

Leveraging Human Nature

More than 35% of Britons feel overworked and overwhelmed by their jobs, and statistics show that efficiency is rapidly dropping as a result. But if employees are given the provision to self-manage their time and analyse how it is truly being spent, this can lead to an organisation-wide self awareness and improved productivity. They will be able to analyse their hours worked, lateness and long breaks. A time and attendance software is the perfect solution to curb this punctuality issue. In some cases, your employees might have to meet vendors and clients outside the office premises. A time management software makes it easy for employees to accurately and conveniently track and report their efforts.

Making Employees Accountable

Given a tool to make them accountable, employees tend to improve their efficiency in order to show management their dedication. If their appraisal depended on how efficiently they worked, they would be more cautious about how they spent their time at work. This way, a time and attendance software is a great way to ensure that your employees are punctual and productive throughout the day.

Eliminating Time Theft

‘Buddy punching’ or ‘time theft’ is one of the most common reasons for productivity loss in companies. Employees might ask their colleagues to sign in, instead of doing it themselves, counting their time even if they are not present. Depending on the number of people your company employs, even a small percentage practising time theft can cause a severe dent in productivity.

Reducing Paperwork

The world is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and it is time for every organisation to take a stand! Most of an organisation’s paperwork comes from the HR and Admin departments. Given that that is the case, using a time and attendance solution can dramatically reduce the amount of paper used for management-to-employee communication.

A Time and Attendance system like Synel’s TimeLOGWeb reduces errors and improves efficiency, thereby increasing productivity. The software provides powerful insights into employee behavioural trends, which allows you to take better decisions regarding resource allocation and appraisals. It is also an extremely high-value solution, coming packed with features and at a low cost.

Synel has been working for the last 27 years on improving employee efficiency with workforce management systems that are used and trusted by the biggest brands in the UK. Our solutions have played a significant part in many a company’s growth, making us the go-to solutions provider for time and attendance management… and more!