Queue busting cloud-based venue registration app

, , , , , | 12th April 2021

The rules under which pubs, cafes and restaurants in England are now allowed to be reopen have the potential to frustrate customers and increase the operating costs of businesses striving to recover from the financial impact of a series of lockdowns.

Unlike the rules which were introduced at the end of the previous lockdown that stipulated that only one of a group of 6 customers needed to check-in, the new rules require every customer aged 16 and over to have to do so via NHS Test & Trace; or provide their name and contact details to a member of staff as they enter a venue.

In busy environments, this could mean queues forming, as well as the need to employ extra staff to ensure the sign-in process is adhered to. Failure to take “reasonable steps” to stop people from entering who refuse to comply with the rules could mean businesses facing £1,000 fine.

Fast, hassle free venue registration

Synel’s Synergy Venue is an app that provides a quick and easy way for customers who may not be prepared or have the means to use NHS Test & Trace to quickly register their details and will help ensure their smooth entry into a hospitality venue. It provides a customisable check-in system for hospitality businesses which can be quickly completed by a member of staff or customer via any Android or IOS internet enabled device.

The information captured by Synergy Venue is securely stored in the Cloud and although fully complying with GDPR data protection regulations, can be used for track & trace purposes to provide authorities for with a contact list of people who have visited a venue at a specific time.
In addition to offering an ideal queue busting solution for pubs, cafes and restaurants, Synergy Venue will also provide a convenient and time saving way for many other types of businesses, such as health and sport facilities, museums and theatres, to facilitate the check-in process.

Synergy Venue is ready to run on a venue’s own device or available for purchase as a complete package

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