Synel launches v3.6.8 of its Workforce Management platform

, , , , , | 26th January 2021

As well as a fresh new look, the latest version of Synergy Workforce, the new name for TimeLOG Web, delivers a host of new practical features which make it even easier for users to achieve maximum benefit from Synel’s workforce management solution.

An all-new interface, which includes a redesigned menu structure and new shortcut icons, enables users to navigate through Synergy Workforce’s extensive feature set more efficiently and intuitively. There is also a redesigned Graphical Schedular which improves the user experience by making better use of screen space, whilst a redesigned Visual Pattern Report with new filters added, offers effective analysis and reporting.

Updated as a direct result of Synel listening to its customers and gaining an understanding of their evolving requirements in a pandemic effected world, Synergy Workforce v3.6.8 provides support for Synel’s Temperature Screening Kiosk, as well as the latest generation of contactless facial recognition time & attendance and access control devices.

In addition to including all the usual Time & Attendance features and functionality associated with Synergy Workforce, v3.6.8 also offers improved reporting of data captured by Synel addon modules which facilitate shift scheduling, time costing, as well as document, expenses, and visitor management.

Other key new features of v3.6.8 include:

  • Venue Registration module for hospitality sector applications where there is a legal requirement to record visitor data.
  • Added door sensor event monitoring for Suprema access control devices.
  • Support for a Hybrid Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) application which can be administered via the Cloud and allows a local ANPR database to be updated in near real-time.

To find out more about the latest version of Synergy Workforce and Synel’s workforce management solutions please contact us or call 020 8900 9991


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