Synel launches v4.1 of its Workforce Management platform

, , , , , | 12th October 2021

Synergy Workforce is an advanced workforce management software platform that contains a variety of modules to deliver the perfect solution to organisations of all sizes. From small factories and warehouses employing just a few people, through to university campuses, healthcare facilities, retail stores and large office complexes, Synel provides customisable, scalable and easy to use systems which help increase productivity and reduce human resource management administration costs.

The modules which include shift scheduling, cashless catering, time costing, document, expenses and visitor management, have been designed to assist businesses to run their workforce more effectively, save time and money through enhanced efficiency and help keep people and assets safe. As such, they all offer a clearly demonstrable Return on Investment (ROI).

Synergy Workforce v4.1

Synergy Workforce v4.1 benefits from the latest security updates and a wide range of new features to enhance the user experience of the Synergy T&A and Synergy Projects Modules, as well as Synergy Workforce as a whole.  It also sees the introduction of a new optional EPoS module* to cater for cashless catering across education and office canteens.

Improvements to Synergy Time & Attendance

Users of Synergy T&A will be able to take advantage of significant additions to the Graphic Scheduler and Global Scheduler.

Synergy T&A provides users with a highly flexible and customisable solution for managing employee working time. With a host of data collection options from Synel’s own range, including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition and multi-format card and PIN devices, Synergy T&A is also compatible with Synel’s mobile and PC clocking options to deliver a full solution for organisations that have hybrid working requirements.

  • Graphical Scheduler

v4.1 sees refinements made to the Graphic Scheduler to provide the option of viewing a holistic snapshot of workforce activity over a defined short period of time. With all the information required displayed on a single screen, supervisors can capitalise on this improved functionality for work shift planning purposes, or just to obtain a generalised overview of the status of the workforce.

These improvements build on the ability of the Graphic Scheduler to provide a graphical and colour-coded overview of past, present and future attendance and tasks by employee, department or resource, allowing supervisors to quickly see who has booked time off for holidays and who is on sick leave, as well as what activities are scheduled across the workforce. In this respect, custom fields can be created to match an organisation’s specific requirements.

  • Global Scheduler

In order to make it even easier for businesses to customise Synergy T&A so that it exactly meets their needs, v4.1 sees the removal of predefined date ranges and instead, enables users the flexibility to choose their own preferred dates. This makes the Global Scheduler feature an even more powerful tool for the purposes of mass updating records across employees and departments, as well as activities such as holidays, office closures and absences.

Improvements to Synergy Projects Module – Virtual Clocking

Synergy Projects enables employee time costing and tracking to calculate workforce costs and the time invested in specific activities. This data can be associated with specific cost-centres to streamline the billing process and provide real-time management information on productivity.

v4.1 introduces functionality where employees, contractors and agencies that work from home to provide their services can now use a web-based Virtual Clocking feature on their PC to not only record and keep track of their attendance, but also the hours they are working for various clients. Previously only possible via the Synergy App mobile application or a Synergy Home data capture hardware device, Virtual Clocking is likely to prove equally useful to employees who work from home or at multiple locations, as it will enable them to allocate time spent on specific projects.

Introducing Synergy EPoS*

Synergy EPoS* is a new Synergy Workforce module which brings the benefits of cashless vending to education establishments and businesses which provide their students and employees with on-site catering.

Synergy EPoS* allows students and employees to select and pay for their meals by using their photo ID smart card or a biometric fingerprint reader. By removing the need for any cash handling, Synergy EPoS* provides a hygienic way to pay for goods, reduced queues during busy periods and provides an elegant solution for the provision of free school meals.

*Synergy EPoS will be available as an additional module from November 2021.

A web-based intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) enables administrators to simultaneously manage cashless catering and vending across multiple sites and facilitates the creating of menus. It also enables various customised reports to be generated in respect of issues such as stock control and VAT transactions.

To find out more about the latest version of Synergy Workforce and Synel’s workforce management solutions, please contact us or call 020 8900 9991


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