Synel launches v4 of its Workforce Management platform

, , , , , | 24th May 2021

The latest update to Synel’s Synergy Workforce, previously known as Timelog Web, delivers further improvements to the user experience.

The Synergy Workforce platform is designed to help businesses operate more efficiently and comes with a range of optional workforce activity modules. These can be used on-site or remotely by field-based employees, as well as those working from home.

Users of Synergy Time and Attendance will notice the biggest difference with its Graphical Scheduler feature having an all-new design. By making better use of screen space, we have made it even easier for users to have a clear breakdown of an employee’s scheduled shift, including planned and actual start/end times, and see statutory holidays, absences and activities tasks.

The improved version of Graphical Scheduler allows you to effortlessly assign employees to specific cost centres or manage colleagues who are working across different departments or sites, and when this is the case, cross charge labour costs. It also offers new quick filters which allow you to customise the data you may wish to see for analysis and reporting purposes. In addition, the report generation function has also been improved with the ability to export colour coded cells to an Excel spreadsheet so that the graphical representation of the scheduler follows through when it is exported.

The Daily Activities feature also has a new look and feel and now offers a project view of activities, rather than just a task view. As well as being easier to navigate, you can now move data columns to prioritise what you want to see on the Daily Activities screen.

Other new features introduced with Synergy Workforce v4.0 include:

  • A new design and an absence request feature making it even easier for users to interact with Synergy workforce via Synergy Touch monitor screens.
  • With the addition of a Feedback Icon, users are now able to submit comments and suggestions directly to the Synel product management in support of our endeavours to continually improve and add value to the Synel Workforce platform.
  • In the event of a fire alarm event, attendance reports are automatically printed which list the employees allocated to fire marshals at each muster point.
  • Card and label design functionality have been improved with the addition of Custom Fields.
  • An import tool enables Custom Fields to be imported.

All the new features and improvements have been incorporated into Synergy Time & Attendance, which is at the heart of Synergy Workforce. They have also been introduced as updates to Synergy Workforce’s add-on modules which facilitate shift scheduling and time costing, as well as document, expenses, and visitor management.

Synel customers who are benefiting from Synergy Workforce as an on-premises solution, will be able to immediately take advantage of v4.0, whilst users of Synergy Workforce as a Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, will have access to the new features and improvements over the coming days, as the update will be pushed automatically to your existing cloud-based workforce management solution.

Continual improvement

The launch of Synergy Workforce v4.0 follows hot on the heels of v3.6.8, which saw a host of new practical features introduced to make it easier for users to achieve maximum benefit from Synergy Workforce. These included an all-new interface which incorporates a redesigned menu structure, as well as new shortcut icons, to enable users to navigate through Synergy Workforce’s extensive feature set, more efficiently and intuitively.

Synergy Workforce v3.6.8 also introduced support for Synel’s Temperature Screening Kiosk, as well as Synel’s 100% contactless facial recognition system, for employees to clock in and out.

Other key features previously introduced with v3.6.8 included:

  • A Venue Registration module for hospitality sector applications where there is a legal requirement to record visitor data.
  • Added door sensor event monitoring for Suprema access control devices.
  • Support for a Hybrid Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) application, which can be administered via the Cloud and allows a local ANPR database to be updated in near real-time.

To find out more about the latest version of Synergy Workforce and Synel’s workforce management solutions please contact us or call 020 8900 9991


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