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Time and Attendance for a Happy, Healthy Work Environment

, | 24th January 2019

If you are a business owner, you know that a happy and healthy work environment directly translates to greater revenue, while any kind of tension in your workplace can lead to poor overall performance and output. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to ensure that your office is a place of positivity which is conducive for better collaboration and engagement.

What exactly does “happy and healthy work environment” mean?

For an employee to function at 100%, his/her experiences at home as well as at office need to be smooth and pleasant. While a person’s out-of-office experiences are not under your control, there are definitely several measures you can bring into effect to ensure your employees have a fulfilling tenure with your company. You would be surprised at how your company’s attrition rates drop after implementing these measures!

In fact, studies show that, if people are satisfied with their jobs, it also makes them feel better about other aspects of their lives. There is a definitive connection between a happy workplace and a happy life!

Why employee wellbeing is important for corporate success:

First off, the more valuable your employees feel at work, the more they will be willing to go the extra mile for your company. You can make them feel more valued by giving them periodic incentives, bonuses and time off for their good work. Once they understand that your company’s policies reward good work, they will become more focussed on putting in their maximum effort into delivering their best. This encourages them to dedicate the 8-9 hours they spend in your office purely towards work!

Secondly, if employees thoroughly enjoy themselves at work, the chances that they will call in for time off will be drastically reduced. Employees, in general, call in sick sometimes if they are simply not motivated to come in to work. This will directly impact deadlines and overall productivity. Even if employees do make it to work despite feeling low, you can conclude that their productivity for the day will go for a toss. To help your employees handle personal and professional pressures, you could hire a professional psychologist who will visit your office once a month. It will help improve the mental health of your employees and also show them that they are being taken care of because their mental and physical health is important to the management.

Lastly, providing your employees the right kind of benefits, in addition to keeping the work environment a collaborative space, can go a long way to ensure that your valuable employees stay longer in your company. Historical data shows us that companies which have a casual and employee-friendly environment have a high rate of employee retention, year after year.

How can you boost employee wellbeing?

Essentially, to improve the overall experience of your employees, you need to lay out a clear roadmap with all the actions you could take to cover the points we mentioned above. This means that your company’s management, along with the Human Resources team has to collaborate and strike the fine balance between employee welfare and too much leniency.

Here are a few pointers you can keep in mind to improve employee wellbeing

Have a Robust Appraisal System:

Having a fair and supportive appraisal system allows you to reward good work as well as give  constructive feedback for any scope for improvement. The general feeling amongst employees at large is that appraisals are extremely generic and don’t really help them grow. You can stand out from the crowd by using special software (like Synel!) to better organise employee files and give out customised feedback.

Give your Employees Flexible Options

As a company, if you change your focus on measuring employees’ efficiency through the amount of work they get done in 8 hours instead of how and where those 8 hours are clocked in, you can notice a drastic improvement in overall efficiency. Leading companies from around the world allow their employees to use flexible options like working from home, customising a schedule, or working from a job-site different from your office. This gives them the work-life balance they want, while also giving you the necessary output you require from them.

However, it could become difficult to manually map resources to projects, especially if your company is mid- to large-sized. To simplify the process, you could use Synel to automate such scheduling based on your employees’ preferences as well as the requirements from your clients.

Appreciate Milestones

Realistically speaking, you can reward good work only by measuring it through key metrics like hours clocked in, successful completion of projects, and anniversaries. Once again, if your company has over thirty employees, this activity could become cumbersome.

A time and attendance software like Synel allows you to complete these activities with ease. Synel allows you to track employees’ in and out time using biometric capturing systems, in addition to performing scheduling and monitoring tasks.

Synel allows you to create a workplace that doesn’t just embrace, but celebrates the individuality of employees. This comprehensive time and attendance solution allows you to focus on the overall wellness of your employees using key insights and better performance measurements, thus giving them exactly what they need. Using Synel guarantees that you’re equipped with the tools it takes to improve organisational flexibility at every level of operation.

To know more about Synel and its powerful features, get in touch with us today!


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