Time and Attendance Software in the Manufacturing Industry

, | 24th January 2019

For a company to succeed, it is important that its resources are in the right place at the right time, especially if the company is part of the manufacturing industry. Using an efficient time and attendance software helps your organisation track staff attendance accurately, thereby allowing management to save on costs and improve the overall efficiency of the company. Simply put, time and attendance software allows the company to gauge the efficiency of its resources by tracking real-time attendance.

For example, Synel is a time and attendance software solution which comes packed with powerful features which allow you to realistically assess the performance of your employees in the manufacturing sector. We understand that, in the manufacturing sector, the amount of out-of-office work is much greater than that of any other industry, given the number of site visits and vendor recces that your people undertake. Therefore, it is difficult for companies to ensure that their employees are spending their 8-9 hours efficiently. Synel gives you a way around this with its biometric sign-in, which allows your employees to clock in and clock out remotely – while notifying you of their geolocation.

This feature also allows you to track the amount of time required by an employee to do a particular job. This makes it easy for you to estimate the time required for the job while mapping resources to projects in the future, as well as prepare better cost estimates.

Most on-site jobs in the mechanical industry involve tight safety measures. In case of a safety mishap, Synel accurately gives you the location of all your employees in real-time, allowing you to react immediately and get every member of your team back to safety.

Changes in government, national budget allocation and global demands all impact the manufacturing industry and cause upheaval – which companies must adapt to or shut shop. If your company wants to stay on top irrespective of these changes, stay meticulously up-to-date to ensure that your workforce is capable of balancing supply and demand. You can thus rest assured that you will neither be understaffed or overstaffed.

With Synel, you can:

Capture Shop Floor Data: Section managers can easily communicate with the central database by using smart Personal Digital Assistants (PDA). The on-screen prompt is easy to use and allows managers to always stay on track of what is happening on the floor.

Track Expenses and Revenue: Synel allows you to manage direct as well as indirect costs, giving you a better picture of individual job profitability. You can do this by using the ‘job costing’ tool.

Reduce Compliance Risk: Compliance breaches can lead to heavy fines or even closure of the company. Synel’s Time and Attendance software automates compliance to EU industry laws and helps you stay compliant in all areas.

Plan Employee Shifts: Synel’s rostering function matches business requirements with resource availability to increase productivity.

Manage Overtime: Synel’s rostering tool allows you to plan employee overtime without exceeding cost limits, while ensuring that planning adheres to compliance laws.

Prevent Fraudulent Clock-ins: Since Synel incorporates biometric verification in its sign-in process, you can effectively prevent ‘buddy punching’ in your company.

Manage Absences: Manage employee absence across all departments of your company and implement effective measures to improve productivity. Synel’s time and attendance software gives you an excellent bird’s-eye overview as well as detailed reports on attendance issues.

Improve Payroll Management: Managing the payroll of a mid- to large-sized company manually can be daunting. With Synel, you can automate the entire process and save the time and resources you would otherwise have to spend on the payroll process.

Improve HR Processes: Synel’s time and attendance software comes with an intuitive dashboard and a suite of HR tools to view, manage and report training, reviews, disciplinary issues, grievances and other relevant information.

In order to become a leaner and more agile manufacturing company, you will need to backup your operations with software tools that complement your efforts. With Synel’s time and attendance software, you can get a wholesome solution and scale newer heights.

To know more about Synel and how the time and attendance software can help your company in the manufacturing field, get in touch with us.


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