Workforce Management for the Services Industry

| 20 December, 2018

Maximise quality-driven services at minimum cost

The key to customer satisfaction lies in the skill of the workforce involved in the service sector. The employees in this sector, therefore, are often found to be working under great pressure, given that over 67% of them are directly responsible for making timely deliveries and contributing to revenue.

An efficient time tracking software can truly be an asset to such a business as it would help accelerate productivity and optimise the time spent by the employees at work.

Through a range of features to monitor and manage project details, schedules, and timekeeping, Synel UK can help service-based businesses deliver maximum quality at minimum costs.

Synel UK’s time and attendance software can:

  • Pave the way for quality by facilitating HR processes like recruitment and retainment of employees with the right experience and skills needed for your industry.
  • Help you focus on your core functionality of delivering good service by automating otherwise time-consuming tasks like scheduling, making payments and handling employee requests.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that the employees with the right skills are placed in the right departments.
  • Forecast, with accuracy, the workloads of employees to make sure that their schedules match the needs and goals of the business.
  • Keep you compliant and penalty-free by ensuring that you don’t overlook wage/hour legislations.
  • Cut down costs by minimising errors in administrative procedures and preventing you from overpaying employees by flagging time abuses and absenteeism.