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Access Control Can Increase Safety in Schools
How Access Control Can Increase Safety in Schools
, | 19th April 2018

Schools – a space for learning. In an ideal world, schools’ greatest concerns would be…

Employee Scheduling System Synel
4 ways to save money through Effective Scheduling
, , , | 10th April 2018

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘scheduling abuse’? It’s something that happens all the…

How to become a Cashless School in 5…
, | 28th March 2018

UK is the third most cashless society in the world, after Canada and Sweden, which…

School cashless system
School Cashless Systems help reduce childhood obesity
, | 21st March 2018

Recently, health officials have said “Britain needs to go on a diet”, releasing new official…

Job Costing. Employee Scheduling
What is the cost of unplanned interruptions?
, , , | 1st March 2018

From smoking breaks to answering your mobile… 100% productivity is an impossible goal for most…

Are you ready for gdpr
Are you prepared for GDPR ?
, | 14th December 2017

One of the biggest changes in regulation of data protection and privacy will take effect…

Biometric Data Collection
How Biometric Data Collection improves the Workforce
, | 30th November 2017

Did you know that many of our most popular time and attendance biometric data collection…

4 Things to know about Suprema BioEntry W2
, | 20th November 2017

The Suprema BioEntry W2, offered by Synel, is a device that makes fingerprint access control efficient…

Why you need Job Costing and Activity Tracking solution
Why you need a Job Costing and Activity…
, , , | 27th October 2017

Job Costing and Activity Tracking stems from the automation of manufacturing and other business processes.…

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