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Flexible working the last years is a reality for all in Britain. Every employee has the right to request flexible working hours after the government extended the right previously reserved for carers and those looking after children.

Childhood obesity is a major problem notably for London children. More than a third of London’s 11 year olds are overweight and more than one in five are obese. Prevention should start early, in childhood where schools have a crucial influence.

Leisure and hospitality industry has great needs in terms of Time and Attendance management. Aspects like planning and monitoring different departments or organizing seasonal events in hotels and restaurants, like special celebrations, parties and receptions, require sophisticated and efficient workforce management.

The expectations and challenges for UK Universities are great.The need to operate in a global market, respond to rising student expectations,

So you decided you want to invest in a Time & Attendance System because it takes a lot of your time, it’s a monotonous task and you need an attendance system that automatically tracks and computes data.

Synel’s field service solution SYQR offers complete effective Workforce Management of mobile employees and reporting via smartphone. SYQR is leading the way to managing a mobile workforce from any location. The employees can use their smartphone to clock in and out of work from anywhere, allowing the managers to track attendance, activities, breaks, requests, absences and extract valuable data any time-anywhere.

You invested a lot in a new safe and secure access control systems that provides you with accurate control of who has access to a building or to special areas of the building and you want to keep it running efficiently.

Cashless Payment Integrated cashless meals and payment solutions save time, money, hassle and reduce the social stigma around free school meals.

The first thing you think when you refer to Access control is swiping badges through a card reader in order to open a locked door. The main function of access control is to prevent unapproved persons from entering a building or area, however the capabilities of the new high-tech systems can do much more than this.

We have made a list of all the new Time Management trends for this year. Check them out and update your skills! 

You have tons of time-sheets to handle?

You have to track time and costs, calculate budgets and report on project workforce financials, but you are using time-sheets and you are manually re-enter data in multiple systems?

It takes so long to produce the time and costs reports you need?

Employee lateness means extra cost for any company. Lost productivity, extra overtime costs for covering workload, delays in many areas of the work cycle. In these cases, lateness management measures should take place immediately. Specially, in today’s economy where cutbacks are much appreciated.

In today’s competitive business environment keeping up with a successful operation requires to maintain a certain level of safety, security and service. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. The way that a company manages its employees and customers affects the levels of safety and security.

Time & Attendance Solutions like TimeLOGWEB can reduce significantly your payroll costs. One factor which is even more important than ever to understand and optimise, is your biggest cost, employee time.

According to a report published by the Welsh Assembly and Young Wales improving attendance and lateness in schools can be managed when a number of measures take place. The following ‘7 Rules’ can support the creation of an effective strategy, while taking into consideration, the age of the pupils, the location, the social and economic circumstances and the parental involvement. 

Nowadays, maintaining time and attendance records has become easier and less time consuming. New systems are available that automate the procedures by using biometric technology and comprehensive tools that allow precision and efficiency in attendance & absence management.

Manufacturing industry has to deal with complex pay rules, union policies, local and state regulations and many time multiple geographic locations. In such an environment to ensure a cost-effective management becomes even more challenging. 3 basic ways to take up this challenge and effectively reduce costs are…

Nowadays, more and more businesses are embracing the concept of remote working which can bring many advantages to an organization or business.

Cost savings, local representation, fresh talent, and young professionals who prefer the concept of working remotely, are only few of the positive aspects of this new working reality.

Developing security has been always a major issue for universities and colleges. The safety of the students is the top concern within a university and it is important to stand on the top of the priorities.

The unscheduled employee absences from the workplace are a common issue faced by the majority of employers. Absenteeism in the long term can damage a business or organisation as there is a negative effect in the performance and extra pressure put on the co-workers.  There are measures that can be taken to reduce the high levels of absenteeism.