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Facilities Manager
Financial Directors
HR Directors
Operations Manager
, | 20th October 2017

Today’s technological advamces drive higher expectations for usability, speed and ease of information access. This…

, , , | 19th July 2017

It is not easy to predict the future of your business and sometimes it feels…

strategies to reduce chronic absence in schools
, | 4th July 2017

According to recently published reports by the Department for Education on pupil absence in primary…

, | 16th June 2017

Nowadays protection is an absolute priority – violent incidents are becoming a long way more…

, | 1st June 2017

Employee Engagement is plummeting worldwide. Is there a solution? Yesterday Forbes published an article that…

, , , | 25th May 2017

Staff on an array of contracts, from zero-hour to full-time, are being tricked out of…

, | 14th May 2017

Synel one of the most experienced providers of Management Software Solutions for Education in the…

, | 3rd May 2017

Timing is crucial, especially for the Retail sector where the competition is high and customers…

, | 18th April 2017

Spring means changes in employment law for HR professionals but 2017 brings a great deal…

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