Synergy Face – facial recognition device (Please call for options and pricing)

Synel’s Synergy Face is a compact, easy to use capture device that brings facial recognition to your time & attendance solution. It can be set up to be used as a completely touchless clocking in and out solution via ‘recognise and go’ or by using contactless buttons.

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Synel’s Synergy Face is a compact, easy to use capture device that brings facial recognition to your time & attendance solution. With six programmable function keys, plus in/out keys for shifts, breaks and lunches; additional data inputs such as labour levels, departments and piece rate can be set up.

With a robust design to withstand the demands of daily use by organisations with the largest of workforces, Synergy Face can store up to 4,000 employee face templates and features a high-sensitivity camera for accurate capture in low-light conditions. Synergy Face supports a choice of card and fob technologies (Mifare, Proximity, HID and HID iClass) can also be used, along with PIN via the built-in keypad.

Quick and easy administration and hassle-free operation

Enrolment of employees can be performed at any Synergy Face device across your solution. What’s more, with biometric technology your employees do not need any access cards or proximity fobs to clock in and out. They simply need to stand in front of the camera to identify themselves.

High-performance facial recognition

Facial recognition templates are securely stored and only used for the identification of employees across Synergy Face devices. Recognition is performed in an instant and the technology is particularly useful in environments where other biometric technology, such as fingerprint scanning, is not suitable. Applications like warehouses where employees can pick up cuts or wear gloves is such an example.

Highly secure

With Biometric identification, your organisation can prevent your employees clocking in for another individual, known as ‘buddy punching’, and eliminate the issue of unauthorised card use, increasing the levels of physical security across your business premises. However, by combining PIN or card with facial recognition you can add an additional layer of security with dual authentication.
To further enhance security, Synel’s facial recognition algorithm cannot be fooled by 2-dimensional images, making it impossible for photographs to register on the system.

Use as part of a networked solution or stand alone
Synergy Face can be used as part of a networked solution with multiple devices across multiple sites but also, thanks to a built in USB port, data can also be pulled using a USB device from the clock itself making it suitable for small standalone applications.

  • Sleek, sloped design with wall mounting capability
  • Security alarm/bell
  • 4GB SD card
  • Speaker
  • USB port
  • Numeric keypad
  • Multiple verification/identification methods:
    • Face
    • Pin & Face
    • Card & Face
    • Card (standard, optional Mifare or HID)
    • Card & Photo
  • Data capacity: 200,000
  • Security photo capacity: 200,000
  • 12V DC power
  • 3.5” TFT color screen
  • Working temperature between 0-40 degrees Celsius
  • User-defined Weigand 26/34 output
  • Communication method: TCP/IP, USB host, WiFi
  • Printer port/connection (RS-232)
  • Built-in relay contact for door lock, door sensor, exit button, etc.