Testimonials from the Education Sector

Some of our customers testimonials from the Education Sector

testimonials school software

What our educational clients say about our comprehensive school software system says far more than we can say ourselves:


 testimonials school software

”Ensuring full compliance with government legislation and the health, safety and welfare of our pupils is our top priority. This is why we chose the Synel EduReg system which was the best biometric solution available.”

Andrew Barnes
Director of Technology at Bryanston School

The Merthyr Tydfil College

testimonials school software

“Implementing the Synel EduReg electronic registration and cashless payment system while moving to the new site of the college, we found it not only user friendly but a powerful management solution as well. The solution has helped us save crucial teaching time, with the elimination of manual registration and integrates seamlessly with our MIS. On top of that, the cashless payment system, which covers catering, printing and vending machines, reduces the hassle of money transactions with a one card identification and payment system.

Chris Richards
Head of Student Records

The College Merthyr Tydfil / Y Coleg Merthyr Tudful

The Lady Eleanor Holles School

Over 800 Students and staff. Security system combined with electronic registration, access control and cashless meals.

The preferred ID technology was biometrics (fingerprint) with the system based on a dual card and fingerprint system. Synel supplied a turn key solution covering all aspects of biometric access control to various classrooms, all external doors / gates and many internal points like the computer room and other facilities. To date, all classrooms have biometric electronic registration and the students have adjusted well to the transition. Teachers, students and administration staff find the system easy to use. In the School Canteen there are a number of touch screen tills all using biometric identification, the students and staff identify themselves and select their food. The system will automatically debit the accounts with the daily items. Parent pay link allows for parents to pay on line and the student’s account will be credited. They also have over 90 terminals installed all around the school. We recently equipped a new building for Music with an extension of the original system.

Northampton College

testimonials school software

Over 10,000 students over three sites. Electronic registration system with fire reports.

Using Mifare cards with Synel terminals and EduReg software all students’ attendance is monitored in real time. All Terminals are updated every morning with who should attend which classroom. The Edureg system will send automatic alerts if any of the terminals is not communicating properly. When students arrive they swipe their cards at the Mifare terminals (there are about 300 terminals in use). If a student tries to register in the wrong classroom the terminal will prompt/advise the student. All the attendance data is transferred via the POE network to the server where the data is processed, giving the teachers a real time information about the attendance of their students. Teachers can view the data on their PC or tablet and add -/amend records if they so wish. During the day the system administrators can run a real time report on class usage showing how many students attend which lecture.