Testimonials Synel

Testimonials Synel


Testimonials Synel

Martek is a joinery manufacturer and interior fit out specialist with an extensive and highly skilled joinery manufacturing facilities. For the cinema industry for example they design and manufacture all of the interior systems which comprise the retail operation.

Synel UK has implemented a Time & Attendance solution, in order to allow them to monitor the time spent on each project. The company is working in parallel on many projects  using various resources of different types of qualified personnel.Using TimeLOG WEB Job Costing module, Martek can monitor exactly how much of their resources is being used for each project (by the minute).

”Great System, easy to create reports & get an accurate information on time & attendance and job costs. Knowledgeable customer support and excellent advice.”

Sue Green, Finance, Martek Contracts Ltd

Rugby Football Union

Testimonials Synel

RFU – Rugby Football Union and the Rugby World Cup 2015

  • Multisite and multi areas
  • Over 2000 staff with additional temporary staff during the world cup
  • Scheduling and time & attendance  workforce management
  • Bespoke QR solution created for quick deployment and time and attendance across multiple sites and areas

The RFU has over 2000 staff and has been using Synel system for over five years. On top of our time and attendance solution, the RFU has been using our system for the creation of staff rota’s for matches and events at the Twickenham Stadium and other venues. The RFU is currently using the Synergy fingerprint terminals to eliminate the chances of lost cards and buddy punching

“We selected Schedule Master as our preferred scheduling and time & attendance solution, and since implementation have been very pleased with the system’s performance. It has saved us a great deal of time and I would have no hesitation in recommending both Schedule Master as a system you can work with and Synel as an excellent company to do business with.”

George R. Vaughan
Project Manage Rugby Football Union, Twickenham



Testimonials Synel

Synel supplied in excess of 2000  time recording terminals across the estate of Sainsburys retail stores across the United Kingdom. Sainsburys currently have over 1,200 supermarkets and convenience stores and employs around 157,000 employess. Sainsburys decided to connect the Time and Attendance terminals to their new workforce management solution using our interface software. The software is used to collect, connect and deliver the shop floordata collected via the Synel terminals.

Synel are an excellent partner, very easy to work with, great service

Chris Storey
Project and Programme Manager
IT Delivery at Sainsburys Supermarkets


Honda UK

Testimonials Synel

Synel worked with Honda Manufacturing to deploy a Scheduling and Time Management system to handle 30 different shifts per day. Synel deployed Harmony to allow Honda to optimise their shifts and unlock the maximum efficiency possible, while enabling managers to easily reconcile exceptions and generate meaningful reports based on these schedules. These shifts needed to match the requirements devised to meet the complex mix of lines necessary to deliver maximum productivity. Harmony was also used to generate payroll output interface files for SAP payroll which accurately reflected the worked hours and eliminated human error and administration time.
“Synel worked very quickly to establish a time and attendance system in line with a complex set of rules. Their customer service is very efficient and is constantly there to provide support when required. The Harmony system has been customised to meet our needs and is easily adaptable”

Mary Wootten Human
Resources Advisor at Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd.


Fresenius Medical Care

Testimonials Synel

Fresenius Medical Care has been caring for NHS kidney patients in the UK for over 20 years. They are the leading independent provider of renal services working in partnership with the NHS. With over 50 clinics across England and Wales, Fresenius wanted a system that would allow them to collect real time employee data from multiple sites across the UK.

“We have used Synel’s biometric fingerprint time recording terminals since 2010. The software links our HR database and payroll to the fingerprint machines, allowing us to collect the employees’ clocking information simply and quickly. Making employee management so simple”

Karen Fisher
Human Resource Manager, A Fresenius Medical Care UK


 Testimonials Synel

”Ensuring full compliance with government legislation and the health, safety and welfare of our pupils is our top priority. This is why we chose the Synel EduReg system which was the best biometric solution available.”

Andrew Barnes
Director of Technology at Bryanston School


The Merthyr Tydfil College

Testimonials Synel

“Implementing the Synel EduReg electronic registration and cashless payment system while moving to the new site of the college, we found it not only user friendly but a powerful management solution as well. The solution has helped us save crucial teaching time, with the elimination of manual registration and integrates seamlessly with our MIS. On top of that, the cashless payment system, which covers catering, printing and vending machines, reduces the hassle of money transactions with a one card identification and payment system.

Chris Richards
Head of Student Records

The College Merthyr Tydfil / Y Coleg Merthyr Tudful

The Lady Eleanor Holles School

Northampton College

Testimonials Synel

Over 10,000 students over three sites. Electronic registration system with fire reports. Using Mifare cards with Synel terminals and EduReg software all students’ attendance is monitored in real time. All Terminals are updated every morning with who should attend which classroom. The Edureg system will send automatic alerts if any of the terminals is not communicating properly. When students arrive they swipe their cards at the Mifare terminals (there are about 300 terminals in use). If a student tries to register in the wrong classroom the terminal will prompt/advise the student. All the attendance data is transferred via the POE network to the server where the data is processed, giving the teachers a real time information about the attendance of their students. Teachers can view the data on their PC or tablet and add -/amend records if they so wish. During the day the system administrators can run a real time report on class usage showing how many students attend which lecture.