What is TimeLOG Web? The Time and Attendance Management System

Time and Attendance Management System

TimeLOGWeb is an online web-based time and attendance management system that allows online access to data in multiple levels. Access is in accordance with an employee’s status and designated permission level. It can be used with any internet browser and can be viewed in various languages.

Why TimeLOGWeb?

  • Efficient and easy
  • Real-time information
  • Mobile access
  • Employee authorization levels
  • Access control module
  • Notifier module
  • Documents e-filling module

Flexibile Solutions from a fully integrated Time and Attendance Management System

TimeLOGWeb’s software supports clocking from multiple devices (whether a biometric clock or a facial recognition time clock) in different locations – including from your mobile workforce. Flexible time and attendance solutions, unlimited employee capacity, unlimited region and sites.

Handles various types of shifts  standard, complex, continental, flexi time, rotating shifts, split shifts, shift matching and breaks everything what has to deal with time and attendance on a single day – in other words all of your complex employee scheduling can easily be handled.

Holiday and absence/sick leave management, real-time employee status display, costing reports, Human Resource functions, job costing modules, access control and more.

Click here for an explanation of additional TimeLOGWeb software features.

A simplified version of the software is available for easy clocking which can be an ideal solution for small organisations.