Synel Temperature Screening Kiosk

Helping to keep employees and visitors safe

Quick and accurate temperature screening

Synel’s Temperature Screening Kiosk helps organisations to highlight potential threats to health and safety through the detection of elevated temperatures among employees and visitors.

An elevated temperature is a main symptom of viruses, including COVD-19, and early detection can reduce the opportunity for such viruses to spread within your organisation when accompanied by a strong ‘next steps’ policy if a positive detection is made.

Quick detection

The Temperature Screening Kiosk automatically detects when a person is in front of it and starts the temperature checking process. It only takes a moment to detect and a clear on-screen verification shows the result. All alerts are customisable and can be set by an administrator.


Use standalone or integrated with Synel’s Workforce Management Platform 

The temperature screening kiosk is available as a standalone solution with its own dashboard and reporting software, or it can be integrated with Synergy Visitor, Synel’s leading Visitor Management solution.

When integrated with Synergy Visitor, the temperature screening kiosk will communicate with the visitor management platform and store temperature readings on the visitor database. The system can halt the visitor sign-in process should the reading exceed the permitted temperature range, which allows organisations to put their control policy into action.

Even when used as part of the visitor management solution, employees will still be able to use the kiosk for temperature screening in a standalone capacity.

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