Synel launches new biometric readers to make the workplace more efficient and productive


The application of recognition technology in the workplace is opening up a world of possibilities for managing more aspects of daily working life.

As the business environment becomes tougher and work practices more flexible, such devices could make a critical difference to companies needing to manage staff activity costs and measure productivity levels more accurately.

Synergy 5 and Synergy 10 biometric and card reader data capture terminals are new additions to Synel’s workforce management data capture terminal range. Both have reliable biometric technology options to identify employees quickly and securely, providing managers with accurate information for use in a host of workforce management applications, including Time and Attendance and Job/Activity Costing.

The greater efficiency and insight into staff activity offered by the newly launched clocking terminals can have a huge and positive impact on productivity across an entire organisation, as well as on its bottom line, and with a broad range of options Synel can create a tailored, cost-effective solution to meet the specific needs of any organisation for a quicker return on investment.

What’s more, there are optional wrap-around services available from installation and commissioning to ongoing on-site support, which few other hardware providers offer.

Synergy 5

Synergy 5 biometric readers have been built by Synel from the ground up to provide a fast, accurate and secure way to identify individuals within a workforce. With over 30 years of experience in the market, Synel has designed this robust and compact data capture terminal to incorporate many features including a 5-inch interactive touch screen and WIFI as standard with a host of card reader, fingerprint, facial recognition options. They are powered by PoE, with a built-in battery backup so will continue to operate in the event of power loss and can operate offline should there be a loss of network connectivity and automatically upload data once connection is restored

With 25,000 templates and 20,000 templates for fingerprint and facial recognition respectively, biometric data options remove the need for users to remember PINs or carry cards, which can be lost, forgotten, or stolen. It also eliminates “buddy punching”, the practice where somebody else can ‘clock in’ for a colleague as employees have to be physically present themselves. The technology cannot be spoofed.

Synergy 10

Mirroring the feature and option list of the Synergy 5, the Synergy 10 device has a larger 10-inch touchscreen that can accommodate complex tasks involving multiple options, making employee self-service and time/activity interactions simpler and faster. Synergy 10 is also compatible with its more compact counterpart, sharing the same technology so that both options can be installed and integrated across the same estate.

Both can withstand daily use in even the busiest working environments and their advanced performance and intuitive user interface cuts queues, as users navigate the terminal and complete tasks more quickly.

Biometric templates from enrolment are not images but proprietary algorithms, meaning no fingerprint or face images are stored and the algorithm cannot create an image to ease GDPR compliance.

The devices can also be used to complete a range of self-service tasks, such as requesting holidays, and checking balances.

Compatible with your preferred workforce management platform

The new Synergy terminals integrate with Synergy Workforce, Synel’s own workforce management software platform, as well as a growing number of third-party workforce management solutions, making it easy to create an end-to-end solution that meets your specific requirements.

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