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Synel MLL PayWay Group

Synel UK, part of the Synel MLL PayWay Group, has since 1990 been the preferred choice of countless businesses around the world — investing in a workforce management solution to help them operate more efficiently.

From small factories and warehouses employing just a few people, through to university campuses, healthcare facilities, retail stores and large office complexes — Synel provides customisable, scalable and easy to use systems which help increase productivity and reduce human resource management administration costs.

Synel delivers complete piece of mind by offering unbeatable levels of technical support — with remote and on-site services, backed by an industry-leading extended warranty scheme.

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Workforce Management

The Time & Attendance solution at the heart of Synergy Workforce, Synel’s suite of workforce management software, enables businesses to effectively manage the time and efficiency of employees from clocking in and out, through to scheduling and productivity planning, analysis and management.

Synergy Workforce also provides the opportunity for our clients to take advantage of a wide range of optional workforce activity modules, which can be used on-site or remotely by field-based employees.

These include shift scheduling, cashless catering and time costing, as well as documents, expenses, and visitor management.

Access Control Systems

Available as a stand-alone system or as an integral part of a Synergy Workforce solution, Synergy Access features everything needed to keep assets, people and property secure.

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Regardless of whether you have just a few doors within one building or many thousands of entrances and exits throughout multiple sites, Synergy Access provides a scalable and cost-effective way to control who can gain access to restricted areas.

Customisable, flexible, easy to use

With an in-house software development team and a comprehensive range of own brand hardware devices, as well as partnerships with leading technology providers and a network of value-added resellers throughout EMEA, we manage the complete life cycle of our solutions, from system design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and upgrades.

About Synel UK

Whilst all Synel solutions are ready to work out-of-the-box, we appreciate that no two businesses have identical operational requirements.

This is why our end-to-end solutions can be adapted and customised to meet the specific needs of each client and include the choice of devices equipped with state-of-the-art facial recognition and fingerprint-based biometric technology, as well as traditional pin and card-based solutions.

Harness the power of The Cloud

As well as providing on-premises solutions, Synel was one of the first companies within its field to recognise the benefits that can be achieved from having highly secure Cloud-based solutions.

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We offer users the flexibility to remotely monitor and manage their Synel systems from anywhere in the world. This can be achieved via an Internet browser on a computer or by using our feature-rich Synergy App, which can be run on Android or iOS devices.

Negating the need for on-site data storage servers and minimising associated energy and operational costs, means that our solutions have a significantly lower cost of ownership compared to traditional server hardware-based systems.