Return on Investment (RoI) Calculator

How much can you save?

Payroll is usually an organisations largest overhead, however it is likely costing more than it should. Poor accuracy, lack of efficiency, non-compliance to policy, and human error all add up to higher spend and, ultimately, lower profits.

Our RoI calculator has been designed to show the potential savings you could make adopting Synergy T&A, our end-to-end time and attendance solution. Return on investment is quick and continues to deliver week on week, month on month, and year on year.

Simply move the sliders to the required values to see your results and get in touch if you would like a free consultation on how we can help unlock enhanced profitability for your business.

Number of employees


Number of Pay Periods

12 pay periods

Average Hourly Rate (£)


Hours worked per pay period

Average payroll total


Hours saved per pay period


Savings per pay period


Minutes Spent Per Timecard for Editing

6 Minutes

Hourly Payrate of The Person Editing Timecards (£)


Error percentage rate (Research suggests an average error rate between 2-4%)

Average time (in minutes) lost per day, per employee

Annual overpaid wages


Average daily wages overpaid


Savings per Annum


Average weekly wages overpaid


The benefits don’t stop at cost alone…

Whilst RoI may be reason alone to choose Synergy T&A as your time and attendance solution, there are also additional benefits.

We have helped countless organisations improve communication, gather better insight, and support compliance to policy.

Here are just a few examples:

Accurate data collection: As well as being 100% accurate to the second, fingerprint and facial recognition biometric data capture devices eliminate “Buddy Punching”- the practice where somebody else ‘clocks in’ for a colleague – because with biometric authentication the employee must be physically present to authenticate at the device.
Eliminate time theft: Covering both purposeful and accidental instances where employees arrive late, leave early, or take longer then permitted breaks. Synergy T&A can ensure that only the time that is compliant with your policy is processed for payroll and any exceptions are highlighted for review.
Monitor absences: Synergy T&A records when employees are absent through holiday, sickness, time off in lieu, and any other category that you would like to track.

Pay rules can be set for each category, and it’s easy to get insight on potential issues such as employees who are taking a high number of sick days.

Reduce administration: Time spent administering data for payroll and leave can add up.

With Synergy T&A time spent compiling, checking, authorising, changing, and correcting data is greatly reduced; as is the opportunity for human error.

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