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Create a safe Cashless Environment...Reduce Lunch Queues!

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Integrated cashless meals and payment solutions save time, money, hassle and reduce the social stigma around free school meals by delivering a transparent and seamless solution. Taking cash transactions out of the catering environment has many benefits  speed of processing, security, greater control, less administration, the removal of cash-handling issues for students as well as staff.

We offer 3 Tier solution for cashless operations.

I) Free school meals  terminal, which register FSM students with CIELOallocated fixed amount, but also  Cashless tills  allowing you to manage all sales of cashless meals and products. II) Full account and balance management, FSM products, VAT management, pre-order lunch app. III) Full cashless environment, with that you can manage all sales of cashless meals and products. Full account and balance management. FSM products, VAT management , pre-order lunch app. Full print and copy control using same purse integrated with vending machines, cash loaders, and web payment providers.

  • User friendly interface
  • Full set  management reports
  • Fully cashless site: catering, library, cafe, creche
  • Fully integrated with on-line payment providers

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