FaceStation 2 – Facial recognition authentication hardware

Smart facial recognition terminal for Access Control

Highly secure facial recognition authentication hardware with multiple technologies

Powerful Android based access control device

The FaceStation 2  is one of the most advanced facial recognition access control devices in the Suprema range, offering industry leading face matching speed, accuracy and security in one robust unit.  Boasting an unrivalled face matching speed and superior level of security, the FaceStation 2 is a very capable access control device that can be configured for use in all Synergy Access applications.


Facial recognition authentication hardware
face recog device

High speed face matching

With the device powered by Suprema’s latest facial recognition authentication algorithm and range-leading 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, the FaceStation 2 is capable to provide the world’s fastest matching speed of up to 3,000 match/sec.

Superior performance in all lighting conditions

With its 25,000 of operating illuminance, the FaceStation 2 is capable to work in even the most darkest environments, making it a very versatile and reliable access control device in all lighting conditions.

Security and privacy protection

The FaceStation 2 by Suprema features an enhanced level of security, thanks to its infra-red based, fake face blocking technology. With this added layer of protection the FaceStation 2 cannot be fooled by printed photos or images on a mobile phone screen. Live face detection only means security to your site is not compromised.

For privacy and security peace of mind no images are captured and stored anywhere on the device or across the system, instead a template is created from the capture algorithm upon enrolment which is used for future identification. In addition, the template cannot be turned into an image so data is always 100% safe and secure.

Multiple technologies

As well as facial recognition, a host of card technologies can be specified including Proximity, Mifare, HID and HID iCLASS. These extra measures can be used in conjunction with facial recognition to provide dual-factor authentication for added security to your access control solution.

Android based GUI

As well as featuring a touchscreen LCD display, the Facestation offers an intuitive GUI, based on Android’s 5.0 OS. Its extremely easy to use interface ensures it is quick and easy to gain access to a secured access point.

Ergonomics fine tuned for greater height range

The FaceStation 2 facial recognition authentication hardware allows the greatest height range of an individual between 145cm ~ 210cm. With the optional tilt-bracket, FaceStation 2 can also accommodate wheelchaired persons and children, making it the most diverse access control device in its class.

Fully compatible with Synergy Access

FaceStation 2 is fully supported by Synergy Access, Synel’s leading Access Control solutions, whilst bringing state of the art, facial recognition technology to your solution. Contact us to find out more about the capabilities of FaceLite and Synergy Access.

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