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    Time & Attendance solutions for your Industry

    No two businesses or organisations are likely to have the same operational requirements, regardless of which industry or market sector they work within.

    With this in mind, at Synel we have long recognised the need to take a consultative approach to ensuring our clients are provided with a customised Synergy Time & Attendance (T&A) solution which reflects their specific needs.

    From small factories and distribution centres employing just a few people, through to university campuses, healthcare facilities, retail stores, large office complexes, hospitality and other types of service industries, Synel can provide you with a cost-effective, scalable and easy to use Synergy T&A solution which will help you monitor and improve your organisation’s productivity, whilst reducing human resource management administration costs.

    The feature-rich Synergy T&A solution is scalable from 50 to unlimited employees, whilst Synergy T&A Lite offers small to medium organisations the essential features to track individual employees as they clock IN/OUT of their work shifts and take breaks, regardless of whether they work from your offices, at home or are mobile.

    Synergy T&A and Synergy T&A Lite both provide a dashboard, real-time visual overview of your workforce and share the same easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) as other Synergy workforce management modules, such as shift scheduling, time costing, expenses management and cashless catering, as well as document and visitor management.

    Both solutions are available as an on-premises solution for organisations that would prefer to have a local server-based installation or as a Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud solution, which removes the need to have physical on-site servers and allows users to access their system safely and securely 24/7 from anywhere in the world, via an internet browser.

    Accurate and robust data capture

    Your Synergy T&A comes with multiple options to accurately capture employee data, including card and PIN, fingerprint-based biometric readers and hygienic contactless facial clocking devices which can be used on your premises. There are also ‘virtual’ terminals and a mobile App which can be used by employees who are working remotely. With geofencing enabled to verify their location, employees can use the mobile App to register the time they start and finish a shift, record their break times and any absences.

    Access Control solutions for your Industry

    Synergy Access provides a scalable and future-proof solution for access control applications of any size, from one building with just a few doors, through to multiple sited organisations that need to secure many hundreds of entrances and exits. It has been designed to work with a broad range of weather and vandal-proof access control hardware so that you can rely on your system to operate 24/7, regardless of environmental conditions.

    Available as an on premise or Cloud based solution which allows you to monitor access control activity from anywhere in the world, Synergy Access enables you to strictly control when and where employees, contractors and visitors can go within your building.

    Synergy Access also supports Synel’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution which reads in real-time the licence plates of any vehicles entering or exit your premises. When an authorised vehicle is recognised, Synel Access can trigger an electronic gate, bollard or barrier to open.

    Real-time dashboard

    The Synergy Access real-time dashboard enables security personnel to see at a glance a host of information, such as who is currently within your building, as well as the status of doors, e.g. ‘door closed’ or ‘door held open’. Alerts can be sent to managers by email when specific events occur, such as when a door is held or forced open.

    Feature rich

    The Synergy Access solution is packed with a long list of other innovative features which offer real-world practical benefits such as muster and evacuation functionality, which can be paired with your fire panel to automatically unlock all access points, gates and turnstiles in the event of a fire. It can also be integrated with your video surveillance cameras via third-party software, to enable to visually verify a person’s identity or view recorded video related to an alarm event.

    Access Control Devices

    The comprehensive range of readers available include the latest fingerprint-based biometric readers and contactless facial recognition devices, as well as traditional card, fob and PIN readers. Intelligent readers with built-in controllers, as well as more traditional controllers with multiple reader configurations, are also supported. All are available from Synel as part of a complete access control solution, with options for any mix of internal and external installation.

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