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    Perfect for employees who work remotely

    Synergy App  – remote team management software works hand-in-hand with your Synergy Workforce Management platform to provide field-based and remote working employees access to key functions and features via their mobile device.

    Synergy App adds capability across multiple Synergy Workforce solutions and modules, such as Time & Attendance and Expenses Management, to enable businesses to efficiently monitor and manage the productivity of their workforce in real-time. As additional functionality is added to your platform, it is automatically unlocked on the Synergy App.

    Synergy App is available on both iOS and Android devices and combines data capture with technology such as geo-fencing and QR code capture to provide flexibility for managing employees.

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    Time & Attendance for remote employees

    For users of Synel’s Synergy Time and Attendance solution, Synergy App allows employees who are working remotely to perform a host of important functions and receive corresponding management approvals.

    Clocking in and out:

    Employees can use the Synergy App to register the time they start and finish a shift, record their break times and any absences due to sickness. This can be combined with geo-fencing and/or QR code capture to ensure the employee’s device is in a specific location before clocking in/out is possible.

    Holiday Requests:

    Employees can see the balance of their holiday entitlement and request time off via the Synergy App, with managers able to approve holiday requests.

    Activity management:

    Compatibility with the Synel Field Management module means the Synergy App can be used to record time spent on pre-assigned activities and travel. Users are also able to submit job sheets and notes related to each activity, job, or task, thus reducing paperwork and dramatically improving efficiency.

    Expenses Management

    For users of Synergy Expenses, users can capture images of receipts and electronically submit their expenses for approval via the Synergy App, saving them and their line manager considerable time by removing the need for a paperwork trail.

    Expenses can be linked to specific cost-centres and nominal codes so that, for example, costs can be associated with specific projects.

    Synergy Apps Document


    With Synergy App supporting the Synergy Documents module, users can scan and upload documentation which might need to be e-filed within their employee records.

    They are also able to access documentation such as work permits and site induction information and if required, download them to a smart device.

    With an appreciation that no two businesses will have the same requirements, our remote team management software Synergy App, can be used by a virtually unlimited number of remote working employees, is customisable to reflect, for example, whether the user is a technician, a sales executive or simply someone who works from their home.

    Although able to capture data independently, the Synergy App is the ideal mobile companion for Synel’s on-premises or cloud-based SaaS Workforce Management platform, where hardware devices such as Time & Attendance (T&A) data capture devices are installed.

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