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Synergy Projects

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Effortlessly track and quantify time spent on specific project tasks and activities, into costs — and optimise workforce productivity.

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Forming part of ‘Synergy Workforce’, Synel’s advanced Workforce Management platform, “Synergy Projects” is a job cost tracking software module that helps you maintain profitability by accurately tracking the costs of the various activities/tasks/jobs which your workforce is involved in.

It does so by enabling you to capture and quantify the accumulative time spent by individuals, or groups of employees, on activities/tasks/jobs attributed to specific projects.

Synergy Projects task monitoring software not only makes it easy to see the total cost to complete a project against planned time, but also the time spent on specific individual tasks within that project.

Why Synergy Projects?

Synergy Projects enables organisations to assess time spent and workforce costs through every phase of highly complex, multi-level projects, as well as monitoring the progress of a simple task to make for efficient resource allocation in both cost and time.

Either way, the benefits of tracking time, costs, and exceptions deliver major ongoing efficiency and productivity gains regardless of complexity or size:

  • Generate projects made up of single or multiple activities/tasks/jobs
  • Track productivity and efficiency by gaining insight on the time spent on specific activities/tasks/jobs
  • Realise Return On Investment (ROI) and save ongoing costs by identifying non-productive time within your workforce
  • Report and export activity/task/job data to third-party platforms, such as BI or ERP systems
  • Analyse data for optimising activity/task/job planning

Any number of cost-centres can be set up for specific activities/tasks/jobs, which can then be reviewed over multiple projects.

When combined with data from other departments/cost centres, managers have a complete overview of the entire operation which is invaluable in making the right decisions to improve efficiency, keep costs under control, and simplify job documentation.

Job tracking software

Field Management – optional submodule

Synergy Projects can be supplemented for your mobile workforce with a ‘Field Management’ add-on, which brings activity/time tracking and costing to any field-based employees, such as field-engineers, mobile mechanics, installation engineers etc.

Jobs can be scheduled by a coordinator or manager, as well as field-based employees using Synel’s mobile application – Synergy App – to view, start and end jobs. GPS coordinates can be captured when the employee performs an action, such as checking-in on a site to start a job. Electronic job sheets can be filled in directly on the app and automatically stored in the Cloud.

How our Job tracking software can help your business?

Reliable Cost Data

Measure productivity and reduce non-productive time.

Enhanced collaboration with Synergy

Synergy Projects assists finance and operations teams to improve project planning, optimise their investments and reduce waste by storing all pertinent data in a central location.

With customisable dashboard reporting, you can easily monitor the status of your project portfolio, including cost reports, key metrics, and more.

Multi-level project flexibility

Be On top of your Business Progress.

Improved task coordination with Synergy

Businesses can evaluate the time and workforce expenses involved in every stage of highly intricate, multi-level projects, as well as track the progress of a straightforward task to manage costs and resources effectively.

Regardless of complexity or size, the advantages of tracking time, expenses, and exceptions result in significant and continuous improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Data Capture Devices

Accurately capture all activity.

Task assignment and tracking with Synergy

Create an unlimited number of activities, tasks, or jobs for employees to choose via Synergy data capture hardware devices, such as the Synergy 10, or via Synergy App on your mobile device or Virtual Portal from your PC.

Works seamlessly with Time and Attendance

Complete Workforce Management solution.

job cost tracking solution

Synergy Projects is commonly used in conjunction with ‘Synergy Time & Attendance’, Synel’s advanced time and attendance module, The same data capture devices used for Time & Attendance, such as Synel’s Synergy 10 touch-screen terminals, can also be used for starting activities/tasks/jobs with Synergy Projects, thus providing a convenient and cost-effective total workforce management solution.