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Safeguard your premises, staff and get real time data of who is on-site with Synel’s Access Control solutions.

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Scalable access control management across your organisation

Synergy Access is a scalable access control solution by Synel which allows your company to secure and control the access to your organisation, giving you total control over the various access points within your premises.

Synergy Access is available as an add-on module to Synel’s Synergy Workforce (also known as Timelog Web) time and attendance platform or as a completely standalone solution.

Whether you are looking for the benefits of hosting your access control solutions in the cloud – such as not having to worry about managing servers, simplicity to scale, automatically keeping your solution up to date, and the highest levels of data security; or the more traditional approach of an on-premise server, Synergy Access provides options for both infrastructures.

Control access points with security groups and time zones

With Synergy Access your business can create specific security groups to control user access to specific doors. The added benefit of setting time zones allows you to control the days and times that users can gain access to your premises, reinforcing your security even further.

Synergy Access allows you to create an unlimited number of security groups and users can be members of multiple groups within your access control solution.

Control an unlimited number of access points

Synergy Access is suitable for all sizes and types of businesses organisations – whether you are small/medium enterprise or a large business, school, institution or factory.  Synergy Access allows you to control access to anything from a few doors in one location, to thousands of access points over multiple sites. The way in which Synergy Access scales makes it cost-effective for any size solution. With Synel’s hosted cloud architecture (SaaS) its even simpler to join sites together on the same solution and scale up or down, as required.

State of the art, access reader technology

Synergy Access is compatible with a wide range of access reader technology, including MIFARE, Proximity, biometric and facial recognition, there is a solution for practically any application.

Access card and facial recognition technologies deliver a truely touch free experience for users – perfect for businesses who wish to adapt to the ‘new normal’ during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Real-time dashboard

With Synergy Access, administrators can see at a glance a host of information on users, such as who is in or out of the building as well as the current state of doors, such as ‘door closed’ or ‘door held open’. Stateful alarms can be sent to alert managers by e-mail for specific conditions, such as alerting when a door is held or forced open.

Automate your Fire Evacuation procedure

With the optional Fire Link module, Synergy Access can automatically open gates, doors and turnstiles  when a Fire Alarm is triggered.

Synergy Access can also play an important role in your muster/evacuation procedure as reporting is provided with a fire report for rapid analysis following an emergency incident. If Synergy Access is connected to your fire panel, this can also be automatically e-mailed to appropriate managers or printed at any networked printer(s).

ANPR (Automatic Numberplate Recognition)

With the optional ANPR module or ANPR system server, Synergy Access can also control access to bollard and car park / entrance barriers by simply reading the vehicle’s vehicle registration number (VRN) to identify authorised vehicles and granting access accordingly.

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