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    Solutions for a modern world of hybrid and flexi-time working

    For many businesses, the pandemic has changed their thinking in terms of where their employees need to work. There is a recognition that in the future, if not immediately, they are likely to employ a mix of people who work from the company’s offices and those who will be permanently based at home or perhaps for just some of the working week. These employees will need to be supervised and motivated alongside those who are field based or mobile.

    With hybrid working increasingly becoming the norm, Synel’s virtual office software, Synergy Workforce Management solution provides a wide range of flexible management tools to help you efficiently manage your remote working employees and office-based personnel, all from one customisable and scalable software platform, without incurring increased administration costs.

    Virtual office software for remote and Hybrid Working
    Record employee time and attendance at work, home or at a remote location

    Sitting at the heart of Synel’s Synergy Workforce management software platform, Synergy T&A can be easily customised to meet the needs of businesses that may have a varying mix of employees who are spread across office and remote locations, as well as those who are ‘on the road’ or are working full time from home or just for some of their working week. In this respect, Synergy T&A provides employees with the option to clock in and out with a physical device on one day and via a mobile App on another day, with the data being processed in real-time in the same way.

    Set unlimited work rules for varied shift patterns, overtime etc.

    Most importantly, the scalable Synergy T&A solution has been specifically designed to help manage a workforce which includes those who have the freedom to work their contracted hours outside the 9 to 5 norm. Fully customisable work-rule templates provide the ability to capture employee’s work time related data, regardless of their individual shift patterns, whilst a set of rules relating to the pay rates for standard working hours, night-time shifts, bank holidays and weekends, can be based on the templates relevant to individual employees.

    Synergy T&A stores employee records, assists with scheduling, manages absences and captures clocking and attendance data, with a Graphical Scheduler providing a graphical and colour-coded overview of past, present and future attendance and tasks by employee, department or resource. It can be easily integrated with a wide range of popular third-party payroll and HR systems, to ensure that even the most complex work-rules are catered for.

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    Employee T&A clocking devices with market leading technologies such as biometric and contactless facial recognition. Perfect for capturing real time and attendance data in the office.

    A web browser based virtual clocking portal that allows employees to clock in / clock out from a laptop or PC from their own home or any remote location, worldwide.

    A mobile app based solution allowing remote and field workers to clock in / clock out wherever they are, with geo location tagging. Synergy App also supports other workforce management functionality on the go.

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