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    Intelligent Time & Attendance and Access Control Solutions for manufacturing

    There are approximately 140,000 businesses within the UK Manufacturing sector and as reported by The Manufacturer, they collectively employ in the region of 2.7 million people.

    Whilst it is unlikely any two manufacturers will operate in exactly the same way, what most will have in common is a determination to maximise productivity by making best use of their human resources to create a safe and secure working environment. hence, the need for our complete workforce management solution for manufacturing

    Synergy Time & Attendance (T&A)

    Expandable, scalable and delivering real-world Return on Investment (ROI), Synergy T&A is also able to meet the expectations of manufacturers who employ many thousands of people with the help of its advanced scheduling and productivity planning functionality. It also, however, offers a cost-effective T&A solution for manufacturers which have just a handful of employees and only require basic functionality, such as clocking in and out.

    Graphical Scheduler

    T&A features a built-in graphical scheduler which enables a clear visual breakdown of your employees’ activities and shift information that can be customised to show only the data that you wish to see. The graphic schedular is complemented by a Presence information Panel (PIP) which allows managers to have a real time holistic overview of employees’ attendance. Employees highlighted in green are at work, orange shows the exceptions, and red indicates who is absent.

    Advanced Scheduling

    Available as standard, this Advanced Scheduling enables demand driven scheduling.  Quickly assign or re-assign employees to specific jobs or tasks based on their pre-defined skills, qualifications, and availability. With this functionality, Synergy T&A eliminates the need for manual shift planning and assists you to maximise productivity which might otherwise be affected by employees being on holiday or absent for other reasons.

    Accurate data capture

    Synergy T&A provides the option for manufacturers to take advantage of the benefits of using the latest fingerprint-based biometric readers and contactless facial recognition devices, which include the ability to negate the possibility of an employee clocking-in for one of his colleagues, which is commonly known  as ‘buddy punching’. There is also the option to use card, fob and PIN readers.

     Synergy App

    For manufacturers who employ on-the-road sales people, delivery drivers and maintenance personnel, the Synergy App allows employees to remotely register the time they start and finish a shift, record their break times and any absences due to sickness. This can be combined with geo-fencing and/or QR code capture, to ensure the employee’s device is in a specific location before clocking in/out is possible. Employees can also use the App to see the balance of their holiday entitlement and request time, with managers able to approve holiday requests.

    Accurate, paperless renumeration process

    Synergy T&A has been specifically designed to help manage a workforce which includes those who have the freedom to work their contracted hours outside the 9 to 5 norm. Fully customisable work-rule templates provide the ability to capture employee’s work time related data regardless of their individual shift patterns, whilst a set of rules relating to the pay rates for standard working hours, night-time shifts, bank holidays and weekends, can be based on the templates relevant to individual employees.

    Integration with payroll systems

    Synergy T&A offers integration with a wide range of popular third-party HR, Payroll, Accounting, CRM and ERP/MRP systems including Sage, SAP, Pegasus Cascade and Earnie, to name but a few. This facilitates the exchange of data such as hours worked per employee to be imported or exported for Payroll processing or HR management purposes. Supporting CSV, API or Webservice interfaces, this significantly reduces the time it takes to get the information you need, as well as minimising the need for administration resource.

    Synergy Access

    A Synergy Access Control solution provides the opportunity for manufacturers to strictly control who has access to sensitive areas, such as where dangerous chemicals are kept, as well as IT rooms and other areas where confidential information may be stored. Synergy Access supports the latest fingerprint-based biometric readers and contactless facial recognition devices. As such, it is ideal for situations where it is important there are no instances of an access control cards being shared among employees or visitors. This would be essential, for example, in a food processing plant where it is a legal requirement for anyone entering a restricted area to have an up-to-date hygiene certificate

    Synergy Access complete workforce management solution for manufacturing also works with a broad range of weather and vandal-proof access control hardware so that you can rely on your system to operate 24/7, regardless of the environmental conditions. In addition to fingerprint-based biometric readers and contactless facial recognition devices, Synergy Access is also available with a comprehensive range of card, fob and PIN readers which are compatible with a host of access control card technologies, such as Proximity, Mifare, HID and HID iClass.

    Real-time dashboard

    See at a glance who is currently within your building, as well as the status of doors, e.g.  ‘door closed’ or ‘door held open’. Alerts can be sent to managers by email when specific events occur, such as when a door is held or forced open.

    Security Groups

    Synergy Access allows you to restrict access to specific areas of your building to only those who have been added to a security group. It may be that you only wish a select number of people to have access to a plant room, whilst allowing the same people and other members of another security group to be able to access your meeting rooms. You can create an unlimited number of security groups and customise each with time zones which limit the times and days access is granted to some or all areas.

    Automatic Number Plate Recognition

    Synergy Access provides support for Synel’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution. Comprising of one or more dedicated cameras and an on-premises server for running the ANPR engine, the solution is able to read in real-time the licence plates of any vehicles entering or exit your premises. When an authorised vehicle is recognised, Synel Access can trigger an electronic gate, bollard or barrier to open.

    Integration with Video Management Software (VMS)

    Synergy Access can be integrated with your video surveillance cameras via third-party software to enable to visually verify a person’s identity or view recorded video related to an alarm event.

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