7 NEW Features in Synel Time & Attendance Solution!

| 28th November 2017

SYNEL UK introduces 7 NEW features in Synel Time & Attendance Solution.

Get a clearer operational insight into your Workforce!

1.Global Employee Management

Manage employees globally rather than individually.

global employee management

2. Multiple Contracts

Employees can be assigned with multiple contracts with date range throught their career.

multiple contracts

3. Improved Graphical Scheduler

Activity can be scheduled to the employee for the dates selected. New Total Column.

graphical scheduler

4. Line Manager Status update

Systems allows allocating Line Managers to the employees from various departments.

line manager

5. Global Template Management

Manage Finger/Face/Handpunch Template globally rather than individually.

global template management

6. Device Maintenance

Allows maintenance options for various devices we install with TimeLOGWeb.

device maintenance

7. Allow importing various types of datauniversal import




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