Enhancing School Safety with Access Control Systems

| 27th June 2023

Ensuring the safety and security of educational premises is of paramount importance in today’s world. Access control systems have become indispensable tools, empowering schools and facility managers to establish a secure environment for students, staff, and authorised visitors.

Access control systems play a crucial role in educational premises by serving multiple purposes beyond regulating entry and exit points. These systems effectively manage the flow of individuals, track movements for audit purposes, comply with legal requirements, protect valuable assets and data, and address the unique challenges faced by educational settings. By implementing access control solutions, schools prioritise the safety of their students, staff, and authorised visitors.

However, educational premises present a distinct set of challenges that require tailored access control solutions. These challenges encompass diverse user groups, the need for swift emergency egress, maintaining a balanced and welcoming environment, managing open access areas, clustering community services, accommodating various facilities, dealing with changing timetables, addressing widespread campuses, coping with aging buildings, and ensuring the effective implementation and maintenance of access control systems. To successfully implement access control in educational premises, it is essential to address core issues such as establishing a clear responsibility chain for security matters, understanding financial constraints, and prioritising security within budget limitations, balancing security with convenience, and considering the student experience. By proactively addressing these challenges and issues, educational institutions can optimise their access control strategies and create a safe environment for all stakeholders.


Benefits of Adopting Complete Access Control Solutions in Educational Premises

Implementing robust access control systems offers a wide range of benefits for educational institutions. These solutions provide precise control over access points, empowering administrators to track movements, monitor access attempts, and generate valuable data trails for analysis and audit purposes. By incorporating advanced authentication methods such as biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition), smart cards, or PINs, schools can ensure that only authorised individuals gain entry.

Synergy Access by Synel is an end-to-end security solution that encompasses cloud-based software and a variety of hardware components. It includes both internal and external biometric readers for face and fingerprint recognition, as well as traditional card technology. This comprehensive offering enables your company to secure and control access to your organisation, granting you total control over the various access points within your premises.

Synergy Access is not only a standalone access security solution but also an integral part of the Synergy workforce management solution. It boasts user-friendly features, offline and online options, a web-based interface, an advanced visitor management module, time zone flexibility, CCTV integration, and support for electronic gates, doors, turnstiles, barriers, and lifts. These exceptional features make it a reliable and comprehensive solution for school security.

At Synel, we collaborate with numerous clients, providing a consultation service to help them enhance their security solutions. We offer full services, including installation, commissioning, and ongoing support through our dedicated team of support and on-site engineers.

To obtain further information and explore campus security and access control systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will gladly schedule a consultation with one of our workforce management experts, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of how we can assist in improving your security management system.


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