Time & Attendance solutions for Retail. Ensure your staff is at in the right place in the right time!

, | 3rd May 2017

Timing is crucial, especially for the Retail sector where the competition is high and customers can choose among hundreds of shops and popular brand names. You can effectively manage your employees and ensure that the appropriate staff are in the right place at the right time, while at the same time keeping your costs down.
With Synel Time and Attendance system you and your business can have a competitive advantage through:

1. Easy Access of Time & Attendance records: Access time and attendance records with web-enabled laptops, PCs, tablets and Macs.

2. Monitoring of Remote Employees: Synel’s field service solution SYQR App offers complete management of mobile employees and reporting via smartphone. Features such as Mobile Time & Attendance reporting, Geolocation confirmation, Expenses recording and Activity Recording offer Retailers full control of mobile employees.

3. SaaS Solution: Synel SAAS is a fully web innovative and fully customisable service, encompassing all the T&A activities of employees. Developed on a Microsoft SQL and written in .NET. The addition of Synel SAAS in your company ensures increased efficiency through the use of a single database, available online for all authorised personnel. No need  to install software.

RETAIL EMPLOYEES 4. Full Rota Management: the ability to record 24/7 rotas, from permanent staff to zero hour contracts. Use Synel Scheduler to schedule by required skill sets and occupancy rates. Save precious time with a user-friendly Graphical Scheduler. Make effective Staffing Decisions according to skills, qualifications or availability.

5. High level of service: Use Synel’s software to recruit, hire, and retain the best professionals in the industry.

6. Controlled labour costs: Minimise costly overpayments, reduce administrative errors, and ensure that schedules match demand.

7. Ensured compliance: Minimise compliance risk and adhere to complex and constantly changing regulations and reporting requirements of pharmaceutical sales staff.

8.Effective Absence Management: Track and enforce employee attendance, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity.Ensure all shifts are covered, reduce overtime expenditures, and keep track of absence habits that go against company policy.Improve productivity. Both managers and employees can view and manage vacation time, sick time, and personal time directly through the system. Employees can request their own holidays and absences directly from the web module.

9. Elimination of Errors: Synel Time and attendance system automatically links to payroll, financial, human resources systems thus eliminating errors associated with manual systems. 

10. Improving employee safety: Fire evacuation functions ensure that the locations of all employees are recorded, so that emergency personnel can ensure they are evacuated in the case of a fire or other emergency.



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