Access Control Can Increase Safety in Schools

How Access Control Can Increase Safety in Schools

, | 19th April 2018

Schools – a space for learning. In an ideal world, schools’ greatest concerns would be bringing children’s minds to the pathways of knowledge. Teachers would focus on education. The greatest threat would be students cheating on examinations!

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world.

Today, teachers and students alike need to look at issues beyond the classroom. External threats and concerns have made their home in the minds of teachers and students.

Our world has been becoming more and more dangerous over the years, with the rise of terror in Europe and an increase in racist attacks in the wake of Brexit. Campuses are today an easy target for violence.

All this is not to frighten, but to prepare.

It is crucial today to plan well for campus security, whether at a neighbourhood elementary school or a sprawling college campus. While electronic access control is very much a thing of the present, are key cards and square readers still good enough?

turnstilesControlling access to your campus and certain key spaces within it, such as laboratories or auditoria, requires a holistic and structured approach to access control strategy. You could set up physical security checkpoints such as turnstiles or guards, or establish a single campus-wide intercom for communication. Alternatively, with a more comprehensive, centralised system, you can manage several facets of campus life and security. More importantly, you can incorporate the details and physical reality of your school or college in the strategy behind the access control system.

With a centralised access control system, you can monitor the entire building or campus from a central location. From this location, you can identify a specific door to be locked or unlocked, or even lockdown entire buildings with the click of a button.

Using an access control system, you can switch from physical keys to access cards with perfect security. This helps you easily change access levels of particular persons or to specific rooms. Detailed reports allow you to know the “who, what, when” of your system – including information on movement, timing, and visitors.

Access control systems can also be integrated with video from closed-circuit cameras for additional security.

So provide a safe, secure environment. Safeguard your students, staff, facilities and assets with Access Control System Edureg by Synel, one of the most efficient and flexible solutions in the UK. This system interfaces seamlessly with existing school systems and enables student registration using card- or fingerprint-based solutions, for each period, independent of teachers.

  • Offers easy to use with simple and user-definable parameters
  • Provides offline, online and wire-free options
  • Gives a web-based user solution
  • Works through multiple user groups, defined based on usage
  • Provides you with a Live View through a Guard Screen
  • Ensures that students have access to only the required rooms
  • Offers an advanced visitor management module
  • Works with user-definable time zone and calendar operation
  • Gives CCTV integration, defined with specific event triggers
  • Provides fire link to fire panel with auto fire report
  • Supports all electronic gates, doors, turnstiles, barriers and lifts on campus

When campuses have already installed (or are installing) new technology, it’s important to incorporate new access control solutions along with the technology. The Edureg solution, in such a situation, can be inexpensive, easy to install and maintain, and has a long life expectancy.

More importantly, these technological systems are scalable. It’s unlikely that anything should be replaced for at least five to seven years. As your campus grows, it is easy to add facilities as needed, replacing outdated parts of the system with the latest in modern technology. That way, you don’t need to install a whole system from the ground up, every time you are planning to grow.

Do get in touch with Synel at tel.: 0208 900 9991 or email: for the latest in campus security and access control systems.


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