Time and Attendance Systems for the Retail

Time and Attendance System for the Retail Industry

, | 20th December 2018

Employee productivity standards are directly proportional to customer satisfaction levels!
Customer satisfaction is the mantra for brand development, sales improvement and business growth. However, customer satisfaction is also the biggest challenge of the retail industry.

Hiring the right people for the varied roles in the retail industry and effectively managing this largely-diverse workforce is an absolute necessity in order to achieve the satisfaction of customers without going overboard on the budget. Synel UK’s Time and Attendance System enables businesses to do exactly that – by boosting the quality of customer service through better workforce management.


Scheduling & Shift Swapping

It only takes minutes to prepare schedules with Synel UK’s easy-to-use scheduling software. It also enables users to make schedule swaps with coworkers and allows managers to approve changes with a simple shift-swap feature.

Wage Tracking & More

The live wage tracker stays up-to-date on employee activities across multiple store locations so that managers can make informed choices when it comes to important staffing decisions. Smart algorithms on various staffing levels also ensures that the right people are placed in the right jobs!
Synel UK can benefit your retail business by:
● Enabling better scheduling: Synel enables efficient scheduling of employees based on the required skill-set to occupancy rates.
● Improving accuracy of forecasts: Synel ensures that you never go wrong in matching the right amount of labour with market demand, greatly improving the accuracy of scheduling.
● Facilitating extraordinary service: Synel facilitates the recruitment and retainment of the best professionals in the industry.
● Managing labour costs: Synel makes it possible to do away with overpayments and administrative errors that can prove to be costly.
● Monitoring productivity: Synel helps you keep track of planned and unplanned absences, tardiness, company policy infractions and time abuses.
● Eliminating fraudulent time practices: Buddy punching will become a thing of the past as Synel uses biometric clocking methods to record attendance.
● Keeping you compliant: Synel ensures that you are fully compliant with EU legislations and reduces your risk of being penalised for non-adherence to regulations.
● Managing absences: Synel not only allows you to track and enforce employee attendance, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity, it also ensures that you fill in replacement staff to cover all shifts adequately.
● Saving you time and effort: Synel automates a number of processes by linking to your payroll and human resource systems.
● Tracking sales: Synel can be linked to your Employee Point of Sale (POS) system to keep track of sales and manage both performance and productivity.
● Managing entitlements and accruals: Synel provides a convenient way for both employees and managers to view, manage and approve vacation time, sick leave and personal leave.
● Promoting employee safety: During an emergency, the fire evacuation function of Synel can be used to track the exact location of employees and rush emergency support and/or ensure timely evacuation.
● Capturing employee trends: Whether it is to do with who is doing overtime, who is the most (or least) productive and who is making absenteeism a habit – Synel gives you all the information through a real-time, intuitive dashboard.
● Preventing over-budget expenditure: Synel notifies you in advance, when schedules seem to incur over-budget costs.


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