Benefits of having a unified Access Control and Time & Attendance solution for your Business

| 29th January 2020

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are susceptible to security risks and understand the importance of having a system that tracks who enters while also preventing those who shouldn’t have any access at all. When access control is coupled with time and attendance in an organisation, access permissions can be controlled by employee grade level and employee schedules, to ensure that access is only granted to employees when needed and when scheduled to work.

In today’s world, the majority of access control systems rely on a “credential” to identify and validate the person access. This credential is in the form of keys, cards, tags, OTPs (One Time Passwords), PIN, or even biometrics, such as face recognition and fingerprints.

Gone are the days where organisations could rely on just manned security and locks on the gate to keep the space secure and prevent the entry of unauthorised personnel.

With technology making developments on a daily basis, even today’s time and attendance system bear security in mind, the kind that goes beyond doors and gates; it has trickled down to websites, rooms, cupboards and a lot more. The idea is to stay safe and updated – especially for businesses.

Let’s look at some benefits for businesses to have a Time and Attendance system with Access Control Management:

  • Stronger security measures

An important aspect of data security is ensuring that only authorised personnel can gain access to restricted areas. With a strong system in place, every activity is recorded, of employees who shouldn’t be accessing locations they are not authorised to enter or at times they are not expected. This system also becomes an invaluable tool in the event of theft or vandalism of property.

  • Round-the-clock records and updates

A benefit for the management more than employees, a time and attendance system with access control can help managers identify the activities of specific employees. In other words, it becomes easier to note what time an employee walks in and what time they leave, and where they’ve been during the day. That way, the management knows who has been coming late to office – and who was the last one to leave – and even, to an extent, what they did while at work.

  • Increased organisation

Large workplaces, especially those with over 150 employees, are bound to face a bit of chaos. It can further get complicated when there are different shifts, making it difficult even for managers to really be sure of who works at the office and who doesn’t. With an access control system in place, it’s easy to cut out the chaos and give the whole organisation some structure. A time and attendance system can also simplify the process of ensuring that employees are not slacking off.

  • Highly evolved

These software solutions for workforce management keep evolving, year on year. From access cards to punching in passwords or codes, there are many ways to track who has accessed which area, and when. Some organisations even go one step further by including a biometric scan, for a higher level of security and to track the exact movement of each employee. In fact, advanced access management systems like biometric scans make it near-impossible to impersonate other employees, restricting access and denying successful registration if the biometric specification does not match the details stored in the database.

  • Easy productivity tracking

In an organisation, it’s natural to find some employees struggling to complete a particular task. This not only takes up a lot of the employee’s time, but also wastes company resources. However, the right workforce management system makes it easy to keep track of projects and tasks, of whether an employee actually performed a particular task on time and also record when they completed it. With records being generated in real-time, the employee can keep track of their setbacks while the management keeps track of their performance.

  • Economy

Instead of hiring physical security to keep the  infrastructure safe, many companies have started opting for an efficient system that includes employee attendance, tracking their entry and exit times at work, while also tracking their access to company resources – all of this primarily involving only a one-time initial investment. Moreover, it is also possible to merge such a system with one for energy management, thus helping companies save energy and money.

With so many advantages, organisations that opt-out of a time and attendance system with access control end up spending a whole lot of time and money that they don’t need to, which directly affects the business. So if you would like to secure your premises and get live updates of who has accessed off-limits areas, and when, then safeguard your staff and space with Synel’s Access Control Module fully integrated with the core Synel Time and Attendance solution for a truly effective holistic solution. Get in touch with us to find out more or book an online demo.


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