Why we need Access Control in Schools

, , | 28th May 2019

Why we need Access Control in Schools 


Three main components make up an access control system: the physical barrier that restricts access into the building, the identification device which allows only authorised access, and the door control software that is used to decide who must gain access to which areas and during what hours of the day.

How can such a system benefit schools? Here, we give you not one, but four reasons why it is important to adopt access control in educational institutions.

  • Vandalism Prevention 

School campuses are often the playground of vandals, targeting expensive school equipment that may be difficult to repair/replace and also pose a threat to students and teachers who may be using them. This problem can be effectively curbed with an access control system that will restrict unauthorised entry into the campus when the school is closed.

  • Visitor Monitoring 

There’s no doubt that the school premises need to be protected, even during working hours. Especially in schools that do not have uniforms for students and staff, where it is easier for strangers to enter and blend in, an access control system that monitors outsider visits is of prime importance.

  • Emergency Evacuation 

An access control system in your school could potentially save lives! In the time of an emergency, such as an unexpected fire or a situation warranting immediate evacuation of a building, the roll-call software attached to an advanced access control system can help identify who is still within the premises, and where.

  • Number Plate Recognition 

With a number of cars plying in and out of school campuses on a daily basis, there is a higher probability for unauthorised entry of those with malicious intent, including thieves and kidnappers. This is why an access control system that comes with an Automatic Number Plate Recognition feature can be extremely useful. Through linked CCTV cameras, the access control system can monitor vehicles coming in and going out, and notify when unfamiliar vehicles enter the campus.

Evidently, an effective access control system goes a long way towards improving security and rendering a safe environment for students to learn and grow in.

EduReg by Synel, an efficient and flexible access control solution made especially for educational institutions, interfaces seamlessly with existing school systems. It enables student registration using card-based or fingerprint-based solutions for each period, without requiring any help from the teachers!

For more detailed information on why and how access control can be implemented in your school, read our article: Access Control in Education Institutions.

To get Edureg in your school, call 02089009991 or write to us at


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