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Synel launches v4.1 of its Workforce Management platform
, , , , , | 12th October 2021

Synergy Workforce is an advanced workforce management software platform that contains a variety of modules…

Synel launches v4 of its Workforce Management platform
, , , , , | 24th May 2021

The latest update to Synel’s Synergy Workforce, previously known as Timelog Web, delivers further improvements…

A super incentive to invest in a workforce…
, , , , , , | 1st April 2021

With the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s recent announcement during the UK budget, there has perhaps…

Synel launches v3.6.8 of its Workforce Management platform
, , , , , | 26th January 2021

As well as a fresh new look, the latest version of Synergy Workforce, the new…

Synel launches v3.6.7 of its Workforce Management platform
, , , , , | 5th June 2020

The latest update sees updates across the modules that make up Synel’s Workforce Management platform…

Five Steps to a Cashless Future for your…
, | 5th November 2019

The world began its journey towards becoming a cashless society almost a decade ago and…

Why we need Access Control in Schools
, , | 28th May 2019

Why we need Access Control in Schools    Three main components make up an access…

Access Control in Education Institutions
, , | 3rd October 2018

Purpose of Access Control in Educational Premises At its most basic level, access control is…

Playing Hooky: How to Prevent Unauthorised School Absence
, | 11th May 2018

It’s hard to convince your child to get up, get ready, and get to school!…

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