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    time clock dashboard for small business

    Fast and easy employee time clocks for small business

    Synergy T&A Lite

    Offering all the essential features required for a small business time tracking system, Synergy T&A Lite is ideal for businesses that either have a small number of employees or do not require the advanced attributes available with Synergy T&A, Synel’s fully featured Time & Attendance solution.

    Access anywhere, at any time with Synergy T&A Lite on the Cloud

    Available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud solution, Synergy T&A Lite removes the need to have physical on-site servers and allows users to access their system from anywhere in the world at any time, safely and securely, via any internet enabled device. Being on the cloud also means that software updates are automatically applied, meaning that you will always have the latest version.

    Tracking and Improving employee accountability at your fingertips

    Synergy T&A Lite provides a dashboard based, real-time visual overview of your workforce, whilst enabling you to  individually track an employees time and attendance as they clock in or out of their work shifts and take breaks. Synergy T&A Lite also has a built-in reporting suite which delivers a range of pre-defined and customisable reports.

    Synergy T&A Lite offers multiple ways for you to capture employee data and eliminate time theft. These include a host of hardware devices which include card and PIN, as well as the biometric fingerprint and facial recognition hardware devices available from Synel as part of a complete solution. For users on the move, or for applications which do not require hardware devices, Synergy T&A Lite is also compatible with the Synergy App that can be used on any smart mobile device, as well as Synel’s Virtual Clocking, which is ideal for colleagues working remotely as it can be accessed from any web enabled PC or laptop.

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