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Every organisation, regardless of size, has its own unique approach to payroll management, which encompasses all forms of payments to its employees and contractors.

Compliance with mandatory and statutory and regulation is critical, and this involves ensuring that all payment and deduction inputs are aligned. As compliance regulations are subject to changes, managing payroll can be a complex process that requires significant effort and attention.

Fortunately, Time and Attendance solutions that integrate well with payroll solutions can help alleviate these challenges by streamlining the payroll process and enabling finance teams to improve efficiency.

Synergy Workforce Management could be your perfect partner to enhance your current payroll process. Designed to save your business money through improving administration processes and by eliminating errors, it is packed full of features to increase accuracy, improve flexibility and deliver efficiency. Synergy Workforce Management provides a wide range of cutting-edge data capture options, then processes the information to output to your preferred payroll platform, ensuring that your employees are paid accurately for the time they work.

What is Synergy Time and Attendance?

Synel’s Synergy Time and Attendance solution, part of our Synergy Workforce Management Platform, will enable your business to monitor, manage and improve your entire workforce’s efficiency through its comprehensive range of features, all designed to increase an organisations efficiency and productivity through better management of the workforce, while reducing time spent on administration.

It doesn’t matter whether your business has a few employees or several thousand, time and money can be saved through effective management of people.  Synergy Time and Attendance is a completely scalable solution giving businesses a comprehensive and clear view of the activity of every employee, whether they are on-site, in the field or working from home.

Integrating your payroll platform with Synergy Time & Attendance can significantly benefit businesses in terms of accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency. Synergy T&A is an end-to-end solution for time and attendance management that provides employee data capture through hardware devices, mobile apps, and internet browsers to ensure 100% accuracy. The integration of Synergy T&A with leading payroll solutions such as, Sage, Pegasus, and Iris creates an efficient and accurate process that leads to a significant reduction in administrative workload.

The benefits of Synergy Time and Attendance with payroll

The power of the Synergy Time and Attendance solution is enhanced when integrated into your payroll platform, as it delivers many benefits:


Attendance data generated by Synergy Time and Attendance is highly accurate, eliminating the possibility of inaccuracies in payroll processing, which results in prompt and accurate payroll processing. This ensures employees are accurately paid for their work, improving employee satisfaction, and reducing the risk of any legal issues. Several data capture options are available, all of which provide accurate data from hardware devices, including biometric, mobile application, and desktop “virtual clocking” to record start, end and breaks. Unpaid absences, maternity and paternity leave, statutory sick pay etc. can all be recorded, making it easy to pay the right amount.


Synergy Time and Attendance integration, combined with any of the leading payroll platforms, provides businesses of any size the opportunity to gain from this solution, regardless of their payroll provider, which means your business can benefit from our time and attendance solution without the need to switch your current payroll provider. The flexibility of Synergy Time and Attendance allows businesses to configure work rules and overtime rules that relate to their specific business needs. Any frequency of payroll payment can be set up, such as weekly, monthly or any mix.


Synergy Time and Attendance efficient process makes time-consuming tasks simple, saving time, and boosting productivity. It provides businesses with the confidence that employee attendance and payroll processing are accurate and timely, whilst also freeing up time that can be spent on other core business activities.

With the ability to export hours worked for each employee for payroll or HR management Synergy T&A will significantly reduce the time taken to get accurate data, while also eliminating human error, saving costs related to time spent producing accurate records for payroll and rectifying payroll mistakes.

In conclusion, integrating your payroll platform with Synergy Time & Attendance is a wise decision that can help save time, enhance efficiency, and cut down administrative costs associated with payroll processing. It is an excellent solution for businesses looking to improve their attendance management system. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our workforce management experts and learn more about how we can help improve your attendance management system.

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