Workforce Management Solution for the Construction Industry

, | 12th March 2019

The construction industry is one of the most challenging when it comes to time and attendance management. This is because there is always more than one project progressing simultaneously, with a large number of staff employed on each at different levels, perform a variety of roles.

In addition, the nature of the work environment does not lend itself to easy people management.

If you are in the construction industry, Synel’s scalable time and attendance system can help you with effective solutions to easily monitor and manage diverse workforces while ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Smartphone Apps for Workers

With the Synel smartphone app, convenient clocking in and out at construction sites is possible. You just need to provide the supervisor of each site with a tablet or smartphone loaded with the app.

Enabled with a geolocation option, the clocking system also confirms if workers have clocked in from the location they’re expected to be at. There is also a provision to record break times on site.

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Monitoring Dashboards for Supervisors

Supervisors and managers can view the real-time status of workers present at a site – from the comfort of the office! The dashboard indicates any shortfalls in resources or skill-sets available at any given time, empowering managers to address issues quickly and avoid unexpected delays.

This live tracking information also comes in handy during emergency situations to ensure the safe evacuation of all workers.

Comprehensive Reports for Payroll Managers

Synel’s exhaustive reporting helps managers track exactly which subcontractor’s workers are available on each site, for how many hours and what specific roles they have played. This information can be captured through comprehensive reports and used for review of schedules, performance and accurate payment processing.

Why Choose Synel?

Here are some of the ways Synel’s Time and Attendance Management Solution for the Construction Industry can benefit you:

  • Efficient time management across multiple construction sites
  • Flexibility to use fixed location devices or smartphones for attendance marking
  • Prevention of time theft, including buddy punching
  • Reduction of time and resources spent on processing payments
  • Mitigation of human error in manual processing, saving on overall labour costs

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