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Fire disasters can be harrowing even for onlookers completely disconnected from the tragedy itself. The images from the Grenfell Tower disaster, for example, still traumatise us today!

How to manage seasonal employee vacations through efficient scheduling

Who created a single summer vacation season for the entire year? bemoans the HR Manager and business owner in the busy vacation season. It can often feel that all employees choose the same week or period to take time off!

A biometrics-enabled time and attendance system is a quick and efficient way for working professionals to record the time at which they log in and out of work, minimising effort and maximising convenience.

An increasingly large number of companies around the world are looking to increase profits by better managing their available resources, in order to better carry out day-to-day tasks and operations.

Tracking and accurately assigning costs specifically to particular jobs is harder than it sounds. Job costing is a technique of costing where the amount of work done is calculated in the form of the number of jobs completed.

It’s hard to convince your child to get up, get ready, and get to school! Yet school absence is extremely serious, and can even be considered a legal offence.

The Centre of Economic and Business Research (CEBR) brought out a new report in 2017 studying the impact of workplace absence on the UK economy. As much as GBP 18 billion is lost every year in potential and productivity. Every year since 2011, workplace absences, and the associated costs, have been rising here in the United Kingdom.

Schools – a space for learning. In an ideal world, schools’ greatest concerns would be bringing children’s minds to the pathways of knowledge. Teachers would focus on education. The greatest threat would be students cheating on examinations!

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘scheduling abuse’? It’s something that happens all the time as teams grow larger and the number of independent and temporary workers increases, and it’s not pretty.

UK is the third most cashless society in the world, after Canada and Sweden, which were found to be ahead of the trend in discarding cash.

Recently, health officials have said “Britain needs to go on a diet”, releasing new official calorie guidelines to help the nation lose weight.

From smoking breaks to answering your mobile…

100% productivity is an impossible goal for most employers with all the ‘interruptions’ that keep staff from their desks throughout the day. How much all these stoppages cost in reality? Let us discover the most frequent reasons for work interruptions and how much they cost to an average business.

One of the biggest changes in regulation of data protection and privacy will take effect very soon – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Did you know that many of our most popular time and attendance biometric data collection devices can be used with your existing time and attendance software system? Rather than relying solely on browser-based entry which requires internet and a workstation, adding time clocks can improve compliance in a number of ways.

The Suprema BioEntry W2, offered by Synel, is a device that makes fingerprint access control efficient and easy. This device features Suprema’s advanced biometric technology and is one of the most eligible options if you are looking to incorporate an access control system at your business. Here are 4 interesting facts! 

Job Costing and Activity Tracking stems from the automation of manufacturing and other business processes. However, most of the companies with repeated business processes can benefit from job tracking and job costing software.

Today businesses are operating in a period of technological innovation and constant change. Technology advances drive higher expectations for usability, speed and mobility. Workforce software is no exception.

It is not easy to predict the future of your business and sometimes it feels as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

According to recently published reports by the Department for Education on pupil absence in primary and secondary schools, the overall absence rate across state-funded primary, secondary & special schools in 2015/16, has stayed the same

Nowadays protection is an absolute priority – violent incidents are becoming a long way more customary and your safety is relevant in every approach.