Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

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Intelligent number plate recognition

Synel provides an intelligent, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) solution fully integrated to it’s web software suite and as integral part of the Access Control module.

ANPR the underlying technology used to find a vehicle license/number plate

Synel’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention through the use of high speed image capture with supporting illumination, detection of characters within the images provided, verification of the character sequences as being those from a vehicle license plate, character recognition to convert image to text; so ending up with a set of metadata that identifies an image containing a vehicle license plate and the associated decoded text of that plate.

Benefits of Synel’s ANPR solution:

  • Fully integrated with Synel software suite and it’s Access
  • Control solutionControl multiple locations and the barriers in different car parks
  • Recognise all Licence Plates types with numbers or letters
  • Fully comprehensive reporting features
  • Fast and efficient access control
  • Reduce labour costs, fully automated functionality
  • Protect & monitor staff parking
  • Prevent fraudulent car park usage

ANPR Cameras

One of the major difficulties many parking management systems face for access control is the time delay on entrance and exit of vehicles. ANPR cameras provide a solution to this problem as they are able to accurately capture licence plate details and immediately relay the command to open the access control device on premises. The quality, durability and functionality of the intelligent ANPR cameras Synel is using, ensures shorter queues in peak times getting in or out from work. Allowing for better utilisation of employees time and reducing lateness while ensuring maximum security.

Types of Cameras

HD IP VNPR camera 3-7M

HD IP VNPR camera 3-15m with preset positions

HD IP VNPR Bollard camera 3-7m with PSU

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Repsol Sinopec trusted SYNEL UK for the high level of expertise in the implementation of complex Access Control projects as well as it’s bespoke development capabilities.

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