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Biometric Touch Screen Clock - RFID - Windows 10.1

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Workforce Time Management

This Biometric Touch Screen Clock is a simple easy-to-use Clocking In machine for your employees.

Biometric Touch Screen clock


  • Time recording for reporting IN, OUT, Breaks, Holiday leave etc
  • Fast multiple Identification methods
  • Biometric Fingerprint, RFID, Mifare, HID, Pin
  • Interfaces easily to HR, employee schedulingjob costing and other third party solutions
  • Can be used to log-in to any existing portal, and to request absences and preferred shifts
  • Secured and restricted browsing limited only to permitted URLs
  • Windows based Touch screen clock
  • On Line and Off Line modes
  • Fully integrated with TimeLOGWeb Time and Attendance Management System.

Who can use it?

Healthcare industries, retirement home, care home organisation, hospitality companies, retail chain companies, manufacturers and industrial, job costing environment.