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    Facial recognition and fingerprint biometric devices to compliment your Time and Attendance solution

    Easy to administer, simple to use

    • Accurate and secure
    • Facial recognition and fingerprint options
    • Quick and easy to enrol employees
    • Create a completely touch free and contactless solution
    • No more lost cards or fobs
    • Dual-authentication options for high security areas


    Synergy range of data capture devices

    Synel offers three core types of biometric time and attendance devices; Synergy Face, Synergy Fingerprint and Synergy Home:

    Synergy Face
    With the ability to store up to 4,000 templates, Synergy Face is a highly accurate facial recognition device that enables a host of time and attendance functions. Thanks to a host of contactless touch-free options, it is the perfect device to comply with your COVID-19 Secure policy.

    Synergy Fingerprint
    With options for 10,000 and 25,000 templates, Synergy Fingerprint is suitable for even the largest applications. With industry-leading accuracy rates because of its built-in Suprema finger print reader, it can be specified with a host of reader technology options in addition.

    Synergy Home
    Synergy Home features a built-in Android self-service screen enabling employees to perform a number of enhanced tasks, such as requesting holidays and entering activities – all via an easy to use interface.


    Why use a Biometric time and attendance system?

    Eliminate fraud and enhance accuracy in data

    Biometric methods of identification prevent your employees clocking on for another, known as ‘buddy punching’, and also inhibit your staff from borrowing of cards to gain access to restrained areas.

    Improve security

    The personal data of your employees is well protected and its impossible to reconstruct an image or fingerprint from the data held anywhere on the system.  Fingerprint scanning or facial recognition provide you with identifiable human characteristics which ensure that only an authorised person can gain access to a restricted area.

    Variety of solutions

    Synel offers a large range of biometric facial recognition and fingerprint readers, including completely touch-free solutions to comply with your COVID-19 Security policy. It is also easy to specify a host of reader technologies, or set a PIN, in order to implement dual-factor identification.

    Synergy devices are fully  integrated with Synergy Workforce (Timelog Web), Synel’s leading Time and Attendance Platform, as well as other popular software platforms.

    Lower administration & labour costs

    With the use of a biometric device you can minimise administration costs, as there is no need to keep and update long lists with passwords and names of staff.

    The devices save all the information needed and employees need only enrol at one location to use any other device on the network.

    Synergy Fingerprint
    Synergy Home
    Synergy Face

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    Case Study

    Al Murad chose Synel to record attendance of employees

    Al Murad invested in Synel’s state-of-the-art biometric attendance system.

    With the aim to consolidate HR reporting across locations, Al Murad chose TimeLOG Web hosted along with Synel’s latest biometric attendance terminal, Synergy. “We have used Synel’s biometric fingerprint time recording terminals since 2016. The software links our HR database and payroll to the fingerprint machines, allowing us to collect the employees’ clocking information simply and quickly. Making employee management so simple”

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